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Updated on: 02/01/2016

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Since we last visited CBTAndBallbusting...

  • There are fewer videos and it looks like they're rotating them, but the last photo set is plainly labeled as having being added in 2013, so nothing misleading there.
  • They redesigned the site and it looks good. They added a comments section and sorting options.

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It might seem a little redundant to call a site CBT And Ballbusting. I mean, many people would consider ballbusting a type of CBT (cock and ball torture), but enthusiasts will notice right away that ballbusting and CBT were not created equal. Those who want a healthy dose of ballbusting and cock torture will want to check this site out.

As opposed to some sites out there that like to focus their attention on one type of ball-torture tactic, CBTAndBallbusting likes to mix things up and add some variety to their torture. From ball-kicking to ball-smacking to ball-balling (throwing balls at a sub's nuts), these sexy Mistresses take every opportunity to beat up on the balls available. Then there are all the contraptions, electrical devices, ropes, clamps and clothespins used to put the men's penises through rather torturous times.

The site currently offers 143 videos and 119 sets of pictures. It might look like there's more than that, but that's simply because some of the flicks and photo sets are divided into parts. The movies can be streamed and downloaded and you're free to grab the galleries in Zip files.

Every movie I saved gave me awesome Full HD footage and all the images I checked out were high-res. This is great news for anyone who knows that Mistresses should only appear in the highest-quality formats. And Goddess Soma deserves every pixel devoted to her hot-wax and paddle torture.

Her slave almost learns his place, but it isn't driven home until she puts on her strapon and pounds the lesson into his tender tush. Indica Torture is a very thorough nurse and uses urethral sounding, a Warburton wheel and electricity to make sure her sub's penis is working as it should.

Preview images give you a pretty good idea of what all the different scenes are about, but you can use a drop-down menu to find content that has exactly what you want to see. "Electrical play," "dungeon setting," "body worship" and "lesbian domination" are just some of the keywords you can use.

There's a trio of other fetish sites that members can visit at no extra cost, namely Inescapable Bondage, Femdom Foot Fetish and RyAnne Redd. Just keep in mind that this site, like the rest of the network, appears to be rotating content. They updated the designs of all of them, though, and have added a couple features, like the ability to post comments and sort the content.

Even if this collection doesn't seem to be getting any bigger, CBT And Ballbusting is a pretty solid Femdom site. After all, you've got a decent amount of scenes and the quality is quite high. The kinky bonus sites don't hurt its case either.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: denialm

    Score: 90% Date: 02/11/2010

    This is a superb site. There is now a lot of content, including two included sister sites in the price concentrating on bondage and cock biting. For a lover of CBT and bondage this is wonderful value. The scenes are hot, painful, beautifully staged and very tasteful. The dommes are great especially Mistress January. They are all completely natural with no hint at play-acting; this is for real! There is an element of teasing also. For those who thrive on this, Teasing-Video has more, but has little CBT. So for a great combination it is difficult to imagine anything better than this one.

  • Comment by: cbtok

    Score: 95% Date: 06/06/2009

    This comment is later than the initial review and the comment by Mike. At this point, the site has some 40 videos, some are mid-week specials with regular updates on Fridays or Saturdays. There are no download limits. From the appearances, the Dommes are all real, or at least really enjoy their dominance. There is considerable pain offered and it is universally pleasing to the women. And it's obvious that the men involved are not expecting a few mild hits with a very light, soft flogger. I would like to see a bit more total bondage and it seems to escape the producers that their women are stunning, as the camera never seems to show off their best assets to a great degree, but the ball busting and cock and call torture, as well as torment are first-rate. Highly recommended for realism and innovation.

  • Comment by: Mike Kelley

    Score: 90% Date: 04/12/2009

    As mentioned, lack of a large catalog of content is a minus here, as is the limited number of doms. On the plus side, main dom January is stunning and completely convincing -- unlike a lot of other sites you get the feeling this is the sort of play she does in Real Life (whether this is true or not). And the action is consistently better than anything else out there -- the Men in Pain site pales in comparison to the cruelty the women here dish out (plus the men on the Men in Pain site don't seem to be able to take much before crying uncle). All in all this is definitely worth the 3 month membership price (at less than $15 per month a real steal).