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Updated on: 04/08/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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  • The number of movies has increased, but there are fewer photo sets.
  • There are now more bonus sites.

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They've got glistening, hard bodies covered in bulging muscles with well-defined abs. Yes, the women of She Muscle prove that the old maxim of bigger is better holds true for the ladies, too, as they strut their well-oiled physiques and reveal all for your pleasure. These babes are definitely a female muscle worshipper's dream.

SheMuscle is a decent website, but it isn't perfect. You see, its 400 or so videos used to be downloadable, but now they can only be streamed in an embedded Flash player. All the videos look great, but they used to have higher bit rates back in the day.

Most of the movies are available as full-length files, but you'll often find some that are broken up into parts. Since those parts aren't listed in order, it can sometimes be tricky to find what you're looking for. What doesn't help is that the older clips aren't even labeled as being part of a series.

You'll see lots of posing that shows off those muscles, sometimes in a gym and other times a hotel room. Some of the bodybuilders show you part of their workout regimens. Personally, what really got my heart pumping was seeing them strip naked and, in a few cases, there was Sapphic stroking where two bodybuilders teased each other's muscles and pumped up the steamy factor to 10!

You'll also find 501 photo galleries and many come with big photos that you can view in an automatic slideshow. With over 250 models, there's a good cross-section of women, like ebony muscle goddess Kim Buck and hot pumped-up blonde Nicole Savage. You'll also find fitness models with leaner physiques. Some pecs are left natural, while others have breast implants.

I really admire the dedication these women have to build their bodies into statuesque perfection. They deserve to be worshipped, but they could demand to be too. The idea of a woman who could physically, as well as mentally, dominate me is a definite turn-on. Just seeing them on screen makes me weak in the knees. Although my ultimate fantasy is to be lifted and carried or put in a wrestling hold by one of these taut hotties.

It seems as though the website has posted at least a dozen new videos and eight sets of pictures in the last 30 days. However, it now offers fewer photo sets than it once did and the number of videos hasn't changed all that much since 2013. It's possible that the content is being rotated, but I'll give the site the benefit of the doubt since I can't be sure of it.

At least the monthly membership drops quite a bit after the first month. You really couldn't ask for a better bargain, even if the vids aren't downloadable. Plus, you get the rest of the Female Muscle Network as an extra, which includes Female Muscle Cougars, Dirty Muscle and Female Muscle Pornstars. She Muscle is an ideal destination for anyone who loves babes with muscles.

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