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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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You ever been to one of those hypnosis shows where the hypnotist brings audience members up on stage, hypnotizes them and then gets them to do things like quack like a duck or pretend they are eating something that tastes awful? Well, that isn't the type of show Aaron Glotfelter puts on at Hypno Slave.

Aaron is an erotic hypnotist and at HypnoSlave he shows us exactly what that means. And it doesn't mean he wears sexy lingerie while hypnotizing people. Rather, it implies what he does to the ladies he hypnotizes.

The participants for his hypnosis are cute chicks and each video is a full hypnosis session with one or more of them. These aren't some quick scenes either. They look to average about 60 minutes long, but I saw a few that were longer.

Things usually start off with a little discussion between the chick and Aaron, but then quickly move on to the actual hypnotizing and then the session continues as Aaron creates feelings of arousal and pleasure in the babes with his words and suggestions.

Don't go expecting anything hardcore though. Rather, you will enjoy the pleasurable moans of chicks told they are having an orgasm or rubbing their pussies or throwing off their panties (because they are told they are annoyed with them). Also, for someone who is always a little skeptical about hypnosis, I have to say that it really all does seem legit and the "slaves" don't look to be putting on an act.

There are currently only 20 episodes available and while that is a pretty low number, you will remember that I told you almost every scene is a good hour long or more. Therefore, you do have lots of content to check out time-wise. Also, video quality ranges from average to good.

There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it, but some vids come in what they call high definition and others come in standard definition. The scenes are split up into about 15 to 30 clips and there is no full-length download option. As for updating, I couldn’t tell you how often they add new stuff, but I can tell you that it has been at least a month since anything was added.

There aren't any bonuses, but Aaron has made a "hypnotize the viewer" video that you can download and supposedly allow yourself to be hypnotized and pleasured at his suggestions. The originality of the site is obvious and the below-average price point is good. The number of scenes and the updating aren't great, but if the Hypno Slave concept appeals to you, then it is worth checking out.

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