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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Listen to my voice. Relax. Clear your mind of all thoughts and just focus on my words. You are getting very relaxed. Empty your head of all things and just listen. NOW SLEEP! Okay, so if that worked I now want you to cluck like a chicken and dance around the room. If it didn't, then you can continue reading about Hypnosis Fetish where the guy on the site is a little better at the hypnotizing thing than I am.

Aaron is a real hypnotist and HypnosisFetish is a great place to see what he does. I'm sure he could make you dance around the room and cluck like a chicken, but that isn't what goes on here. Rather, his specialty is erotic hypnosis that involves cute chicks, nudity and orgasms – three things we like very much.

There are 60 videosavailable and each one features a cute babe (sometimes two) being put through a lengthy hypnosis session with Aaron. The chicks start off clothed and after a little talking he begins putting them under. Once he has control of them he does his thing, which involves making them strip and react to his commands to orgasm over and over again.

The episodes are split up into many parts and in total each session can last well over an hour, as Aaron takes the hypnotized cuties through a journey of pleasure. This is a softcore site, though, so if you were thinking that he would command them to blow him or such things you were wrong.

I have to tell you that the cynical side of me expected all this to be fake, but I gotta say that Aaron definitely seems legit, as does the content on the site. These chickies are truly hypnotized and experience his commands truthfully and in complete reality.

From what I can tell they haven't updated in about four months, but the quality of the videos ranges from average to good and because the movies are so long you are actually getting a ton of content. Hypnosis Fetish is a very original site and worth checking out if you are interested in true erotic hypnosis.

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