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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Teen Boys House involves hot gays aged 18 to 23. Since most of the shoots are done outside, I didn't actually see a specific house involved. Who really cares, though? I know that I don't. It's all about hormonally charged guys with slim, hairless bodies and throbbing uncut schlongs.

I appreciate that the guys on TeenBoysHouse are lean and toned rather than overly skinny. Some of them actually are muscled enough to qualify as fresh-faced jocks. Some are handsome, while many are more what you'd call cute, with that guy-next-door look.

You get 21 videos to download in Windows Media format (there's no streaming option). You can choose from two different levels of quality and the top one brings you good-quality playback. It's nice that the quality of the videos has improved and the scenes hover around the 20 to 25-minute mark.

There are some diverse scenarios played out here. You'll see sex on the beach, dudes doing it in the woods, some spanking action and, in at least one instance, the dudes are dressed like they're headed for class after fulfilling their unrequited love for one another. Most of the penetration is bareback, but you will see a condom on occasion.

There are also 36 photo sets and most have high-res images. You can download them in Zip files or view them in an automatic slideshow. There are a couple of sets where the images aren't quite in focus. I wouldn't go as far as saying they were vid caps, though. It almost seems as if they were shot with the camera being too far away.

In one case, maybe in order to capture all three fellows, the photographer needed to back up to frame the entire scene. At any rate, one additional set is clearly just screen caps, which is why I assume the rest are actual photographs, even if a few are slightly out of focus.

There is a bonus section with five extra photo shoots from other websites and you can usually count on updates being about once a week, but it will take a while for this site to grow to a more appealing size. A membership is not overly expensive, but it's too much for the limited amount of content currently on offer. Teen Boys House hasn't quite grown into its price yet.

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  • Comment by: Sam Johnson

    Score: 85% Date: 02/20/2009

    I absoloutley love this site!! Yes as pointed out in the initial review, there is a few pictures that arent that clear,but still, I paided for a month, and now thats ran out, I'm going to renew it! This and are my favourite sites! Thank you to whoever made this site!