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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
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The premise behind Pure Smoking is great. We have ourselves a cast of hot babes with a love of cigarettes that is matched by their passion for cock. Where could things possibly go wrong? Well, I'm sure a few lobbyist killjoys would love to point out the obvious, but we won't be hearing from them.

There are 387 videos on PureSmoking and they can all be streamed and downloaded. A lot of them offer good-quality playback, but older ones are merely average in quality. These days, the vids come in a couple of MP4 formats, but many old ones come in a couple of Windows Media formats instead. You can save all your favorites and rate them.

The videos provide a thrilling mix of cigarettes and sex. That said, sometimes the smokes are put aside rather quickly when the hardcore pussy poking begins. I guess it's easier to perform doggy when you don't have a cloud of smoke billowing into your face (and you wouldn't want to set the sheets on fire either).

When it comes to the blowjobs though, these tend to have the gals puffing away to the bitter, or at least salty, end. Personally, a burning ember so near to my swollen member would make me nervous, but I guess these chicks are pros. You can choose the kind of scene you want to watch by looking through some blurry vid caps.

A big plus is that a membership gets you access to the Fetish Network, which is comprised of more than 40 hot sites. Two others focus on smoking, but most spend their time on other awesome fetishes, including the likes of Fetish Dolls, Pure Smothering and Rick Savage. Be aware that not all the sites are still updating.

If you look elsewhere, you might smoke out better sites in the smoking-fetish niche. Still, there are more good-quality movies and the numbers keep on getting better, as a new film gets added every seven days. Given this, I am less wary of recommending the website than I might have been a while back. Pure Smoking is a site worth considering.

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