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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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I was pretty well behaved growing up, so I never really got to experience too much corporal punishment. As such, I probably couldn't tell you what makes a Perfect Spanking. However, I do know enough about porn sites to tell you why the one under review today isn't quite perfect.

There are two main problems with PerfectSpanking, the first of which is that none of its hot content is exclusive. All the material is licensed, so there's a chance that you might find it elsewhere or have already seen it on another site. The second issue is that the site hasn't updated since 2012. Given that it's been so long, it seems unlikely that any new scenes will ever be added.

You're left with 49 videos to stream and download. The flicks can be saved in a couple of MP4 files and offer good-quality playback when they're at their best. The useful thing about these files is that they will also work with smartphones and other mobile devices. You can preview the shoots using vid caps.

Sometimes it's a lady who disciplines a submissive gal, but other times it's a male who meters out the punishment. You will also see various implements of remedial correction used. Of course, there's the classic open-handed spank with the sound of flesh slapping flesh. Then for the really bad subs they often pull out paddles or even give them a good caning. You'll see some bright-red butt cheeks that will make you shift in your seat.

There are more than 40 other sites that make up the Fetish Network and they are included with a membership. You will see more spanked bums on Elite Spanking and some of the others include Fetish Dolls and Kinky Carmen. As you can see, the network lives up to its "fetish" name.

If you're going to put the word "perfect" right in your sitename, people are going to expect perfection. Unfortunately, that's not what Perfect Spanking delivers. You might want to give it a look, but you won't stick around indefinitely, because there are other sites in the same niche that are bigger and better.

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