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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Sometimes a misbehaving sub won't listen to reason and needs to have her inappropriate behavior corrected. There's only one thing she understands and it's a firm hand on her behind, but if that doesn't do the trick maybe the biting lick of a whip or the pain of a cane will get the message through. That's the thinking on Elite Spanking, where both male and female authority figures put hot babes through the rigors of old-fashioned corporal punishment.

Once you sign in, you're taken to the Fetish Network homepage. To get to the main spanking collection, just click on "our sites" at the top of the page. Find the link for EliteSpanking and make sure to take note of any others that look interesting, because you get access to all of them with your membership.

There are over 40 in total, including Elite Smothering, Brutal Ball Busting and Brutal Punishment. Many of them have flicks that are pretty lengthy, but know that some of them aren't exclusive.

Does any gal learn her lesson this way? Who cares? I know I don't. For me, the 236 videos are more about my pleasure than the learning curve of some devious girl. All the same, they must learn fast because the vids are only about five minutes long. There's no buildup to the punishment. It's simply wham, bam, spank you Ma'am. You just see the spanking, the caning or the whipping and the red results on the lady's butt.

The flicks can be downloaded as good-quality MP4s, so that's pretty sweet. They can be streamed in an embedded player as well. They don't come with photos, but each one is accompanied by a set of vid caps that allow you to preview the punishing action frame by frame.

There are usually over 100 video captures in each gallery. With the videos being as short as they are, you'll almost see every moment frozen in time. One set has several pages worth that show a babe's pink and purplish posterior. The images are relatively crisp and a decent size.

Elite Spanking gives you a steady stream of bare bums getting battered, so it seems like a wise choice for spanking fans. The website hasn't updated since November 2013, but the many bonus sites do help to make up for that. There are three more that offer spanking porn, too. 

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  • Comment by: Unimpressed

    Score: 30% Date: 06/10/2015

    The reviewer has failed to mention that all the content is bought in from other websites and like "Conned" they rarely produce their own content and buy it in. Seriously, none of their content is really unique. Mostly from the producers of Spanking Server and then this group of sites do what they always do - they mess around with the quality of the films and make them worse!!! I had joined here once to see some films but only because the Server site is even more infuriating to get around on and they have an annoying system of rotating content that appears one week and disappears another so at least the content they sold here remains which is why I joined but it's not really very special.

  • Comment by: Conned

    Score: 25% Date: 05/30/2014

    To the reviewers, please be aware that this site does not host any unique content. It is from other sites that sell their stuff to this and a few others that I have noticed in this group.
    For some strange reason after downloading some of the content and remembering that I had seen it elsewhere, the quality is not as good either. Very annoying, please find people that know what they are doing re the "unique" content they review as this is misleading which is why I am only giving this site 25/100 as it isn't worth viewing unless you've never joined any spanking site ever!
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:06/02/2014): Thanks for the comment, Conned. Practically all of the content that appears on the Fetish Network of sites are produced in-house, so we've found no evidence to suggest that the content here isn't exclusive. With that said, we will investigate further and update the review if necessary.