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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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I watched a documentary on television a few years ago about how comedy from different countries doesn't always translate well across borders. What may be very funny to the people in one country will get no laughs when shown to people in a different country. I have to think that this might be the issue with Funny Auditions, 'cause the only thing I really found funny was how uninteresting some of the videos actually were.

I figured maybe something was lost in the translation, but I watched a few of the vids with subtitles (it looks like they all come with a shortened version with subtitles) and I still wasn't laughing at any of the FunnyAuditions.

The site is well designed and easy to navigate, but there also seems to be a sort of identity crisis. In order to see all the content you have to click on the "competitors" button in the top-page menu. Competitors? What are they competing for? Then there is the "funny stuff" section, which is where I assumed I would find the humor I had been missing, but it is just a few photo sets made up of outtake pics from the shoots.

I think by "funny" they just mean "candid," so in that regard these vids do live up to the name. There are 11 movies available at this point and 14 photo sets. The photo sets are the "funny stuff" I mentioned before and a few in a "closeup" section as well. The videos are a mix of audition interviews, filmed photo shoots, some hardcore fucking and a little behind-the-scenes action.

The vids can be streamed directly on the site or you can download them in a full-length Windows Media file in a few quality options. The highest quality ones look excellent.Also, I'm not sure how often they were updating in the past, but according to the most recent dates the next update is coming a full six weeks after the previous one.

As a bonus they provide you with 17 photo galleries and 13 movies, but that just isn't enough to make a membership worth it yet. Yes, the price is good and comes in a little below standard, but the vids aren’t that "funny" and there just aren’t enough Funny Auditions available at this point either way.

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