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Dylan Taylor 

By: Dylan Taylor
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Crossdress Comics advertises itself as the number one source for crossdressing comics on the web. Being the number one anything on the web is a really bold claim, but not a wholly unattainable one.

There are many comic porn sites out there and probably an equal amount of crossdressing ones. While the combination of the two is most certainly not unique, this is definitely the first example of CrossdressComics I've seen (shemale toons are a different story), so let's go with the theory that this is in fact the number one source and see what's being offered.

There are 14 comic titles in total. That's not much content to begin with, but the site was updating at a rate of two new stories a week, though the last update came three weeks after the previous one. They do give you access to 149 bonus streaming videos that are in the crossdressing niche, but sadly the cartoon characters in these scenes are played by real live humans. Still, it's a nice way to keep your interest while you wait for the comic collection to grow.

As for what is there, each title contains a gallery of 10 beautifully drawn high-resolution images, each containing three panels. The artwork is exclusive to the site and has a very unique style. The comics all have different protagonists. One story shows a guy getting screwed by two other guys while wearing a dress because he took a right when he should have taken a left. Another has a husband go out drinking and come back intoxicated wearing women's clothing, only for his wife to take advantage of the situation and his ass.

The site looks great graphically (would be kind of sad for a comics site if it didn't) and is well organized. It seems to want to be a hub for the cross-dressing community, which it attempts by offering a space for comments after each section of the story, by reviewing other crossdressing sites and, unfortunately, with a banner ad for another site on the right of the screen.

Whether or not Crossdress Comics is the number one site isn't really established. It is a good-looking site that serves its purpose, makes up for its lack of content and shows the promise of more material in the future.

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