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Morris McCarthy 

By: Morris McCarthy
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When times get tough some chicks have no other recourse than to take their intercourse a little rough. The secret to weathering economic storms is by opening themselves up to some new experiences if they want to maintain those lifestyles. Fortunately for them, Desperate For Money is there to help hard-up babes expand their horizons and orifices in equal measure.

The guys behind DesperateForMoney are very keen on making sure that they get all they can out of the average gal's desperation for dollars. That means that no chick passing through the site is spared from a massive rim-ripping. We're talking about some serious double-ups here with anuses seeing more cock than biology was meant to permit. You can bet that when these babes are moaning to the heavens, they are not faking it.

The ducats for debauchery program that makes up the essence of this site is carried out in 75 movies, showing us that sometimes it's probably better just to tighten up the belt. The videos all come in clips that are viewable in a streaming Windows Media format only and they tend to offer good-quality playback. There are also some vid caps and about 54 photo galleries.

While the content is good hardcore action, it is also nonexclusive and doesn't really have much to do with the theme implied by the sitename. This is often general hardcore porn and not always reality or scripted "desperate for cash" setups.

The website seems to be updating weekly, but it hasn't really grown over the last year. It isn't quite clear what exactly is going on with the updates, but it is clear that there are 15 bonus sites, like Wild Wet T, 2 Fast 2 Wild, Suck USA and Bi 69 to list off just a few. There are also video feeds with some equally hardcore material.

Desperate For Money has some good footage and a nice network of extras, but it would be a lot better if it allowed you to download its videos. Still, you might want to give it a look if you find yourself in the mood to watch some hardcore fucking.

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