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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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In my city, there are plenty of men of Middle Eastern descent. They're always damn sexy and very masculine looking. They're often what you would call macho. However, since Arab culture is often portrayed as being homophobic, it's rare that you're going to take the chance of approaching one of these guys, unless you know for sure that he has leanings toward being attracted to the same sex. Why roll the dice? I'd rather play it safe and check out Arabian Dicks.

You can use an advanced search on ArabianDicks to discover various types of action, from blowjobs to rimming to anal penetration and there are plenty of threesomes. You can also use the same search to find similar content on the bonus sites. They have names like Broke Latino Guys, Cocky Latinos and Raw In Brazil and they're part of the Latino Gay Pass network, so it won't probably won't shock you to learn that you won't see any Arab guys on them.

The site has 39 movies. The most recent one was posted back in June 2013. You can download the vids in three different MP4 formats and at their best, the flicks offer good-quality playback. If you'd rather watch the movies online, you can do so by streaming them in an embedded player.

The video footage concentrates on hardcore smut, so I appreciate the slow and sensual buildup to the scenes. The guys really get up to quite a bit of foreplay before getting down to the ass sex and cumshots. The scenes further play up the Arabian theme by putting them in traditional Arab garb. The sex is set against clay walls draped with Persian-style rugs.

All of the scenes come from DVDs that you can buy or find elsewhere on the Web as pay-per-view movies, but here's the only place to download them online. As a result, we can consider this your exclusive downloadable source for them.

Some of the movies come with vid caps, but there are 96 galleries in the "photo" section. The rest of the sets are from other sites in the network. They look good online, but are high-res images when you download them in their Zip file. It's possible a few of the sets only contain vid caps.

The photos mostly show the fellows posing solo and they have some massive cocks. Apparently there are some non-Muslim Arabs, though, because not all the guys are circumcised. They're also virtually hairless. Their bods are slim and toned, from athletic to lightly muscled.

Although it's been a while since the last video was posted, it's been even longer since we last got pictures. Hopefully they'll get back to updating pretty soon. Even though there isn't a lot of content, there aren't many gay sites that focus on Arab men, so because of that it's worth joining.

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