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Updated on: 05/22/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Since we last visited DDFBeauties...

  • The amount of content has increased.
  • You can now find some Full HD videos.
  • New content was being every day up until very recently, but you still get something new a few times a week.

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There are babes and then there are the babes on DDF Beauties. It's run by one of the most prolific pornographic producers and photographers in Central and Eastern Europe today. So if high quality is what you want, you'll definitely get it here. With over a decade in the biz, these people have got it down pat.

DDFBeauties is a well-designed and beautiful-looking site. The colors and images are as glossy as a wet pussy. Whether you want to watch solo, hardcore, lesbian or sex-toy scenes, there's a top menu that will lead you to all you desire. Maybe you know the name of that hottie who kept you up too late last night? Consult the alphabetized model index to search for her among a few hundred other gals, or use the "babe finder."

There are 2,671 videos to watch. You can stream them in an embedded player, although that isn't a great option because you can't skip ahead, make the player larger or even adjust the volume. Instead, download them. There are different formats to choose from, with many available in Full HD files. Not only are the stats high, but the scenes are also well filmed. From the makeup to the clothes to the sets, everything is incredible.

The 2,671 picture sets don't disappoint either. They can be downloaded in Zip files and the pics can be viewed in three sizes: small, medium and large. The large ones are so clear that not only do you have to scroll across the screen just to see the whole thing, but you can also read the babes' lips and drool over every luscious fold of pussy flesh.

The site leaves nothing out in terms of information relating to the scenes. You'll know how long it is, how many pictures are in each set, and get a synopsis and trailer. Plus, there are links to the chicks' other performances and a small stat card with the basics, like boob size. The only area in which this site loses marks is exclusivity. You'll notice quite a few scenes with a 1by day watermark, which is another site in the DDF Network.

The website was updating daily up until very recently, but you're still getting something new a few times a week. Obviously we hope they get back to that daily schedule, but even if they don't there's still plenty of porn to be had, even without any bonuses.

The site provides you with two membership options. Either sign up for a plan that gives you unlimited access or just pay for the girls/scenes you want (buy five and get one free). In the end, I highly recommend DDF Beauties for all of your hot-babe needs.

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