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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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We've all been standing in line at the store and found ourselves reading those Enquirer-type magazines about alien abductions, dogs with two heads, Sasquatch sightings and new information on crop circles. Well, think of your living room as the store and this site as the adult version of those magazines. Its Real is like impulse porn buying.

Rather than alien abductions and two-headed animals, ItsReal focuses its attention on extremely hairy pussies, dudes with two cocks, chicks with three breasts and guys with 17-inch dicks. However, like the Enquirer, they also throw in some more believable items like 50-inch asses, oversized clits and very, very large tits.

Being the hard and cynical porn reviewer I am (by "hard" I mean - oh, you know what I mean), I went into the site not believing any of it. I figured it was all faked content and was ready to prove that the sitename should have been It's Not Real.

However, I came out of the review (by "came out" I mean - oh you know what I mean) kind of convinced by some of the content's believability. No, I still don't buy the double-dicked dude, the babe with two vaginas or the tri-breasted chick, but that large clit sure looked real, as did some of those huge melons.

There are 18 videos downloadable in Windows Media format with good-quality playback. Now, you'll also find that a few vids can be downloaded in MP4s for your portable device. The movies run for about 30 minutes and it sure is interesting to see how some of the anomalies on the site are worked with. Although, "spoiler alert" all the freaks get laid in the end.

In the 21 picture sets you get some decent images that cover the action from the videos. Some pics are quite big, while others are rather small, but they're all quite crisp and can be downloaded in handy Zip files.

Your membership gets you access to 10 other Muffia network sites, including Cum Fu, Mollys Life, Footville and My Sexy Life. As you can probably tell, none of these provide the same type of freakish experience as this site does.

All in all, it is a membership worth having temporarily for those with a curious nature and an eye for out-of-the-ordinary porn just keep in mind though that updates appear to have ended well over two years ago. So in the end, Its Real will definitely intrigue and possibly amaze you, but it's unique scenes won't keep you occupied for long.

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