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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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When discussing my job with others, I often tell them that I've seen it all. However, every once in a while a site like Beautiful Agony comes along and shows me just how very wrong I am. It's a very unique website and you'll either love it or hate it.

BeautifulAgony is dedicated to capturing the human orgasm on film. Instead of focusing on cumshots or squirting, this site only concerns itself with capturing the sounds and faces that people make while they climax. And we're talking about real people having real orgasms. These aren't pornstars, but rather everyday men and women.

Every video is shot from the neck up and they're all user submitted. With thousands o videos already up and more being added every day, it would seem that there's no shortage of individuals who are ready and willing to share their "O" face with the world.

So what makes people want to submit videos to this online collection? Well, if your tape gets accepted, you get a $200 publication fee. You also get a 30-day subscription to the website. These rewards are definitely an incentive for some. Others submit their vids because they believe in what the site is trying to do and simply want to contribute to it.

The movies can be streamed in an embedded player as well as downloaded. The newer vids are offered in a couple of MP4 formats, including one that lets you enjoy the many orgasms in HD. Older flicks aren't as impressive.

The videos usually run for an average of six minutes and tend to include the warm up, the cool down and everything in between. Since you only ever see these folks from the neck up, there's no actual nudity and unless you hear the telltale buzz of a vibrator, it's often impossible to be sure how the person's getting themself off.

In most cases, there's only one person masturbating, but there are some films in which you can see two or more "friends" masturbating side by side. I should note, though, that not all the vids revolve around self-touching. There are a number of "confession" flicks in which guys and gals sit down and discuss things like masturbation and sexuality in open and candid ways. There are over 6,575 videos at the moment.

There aren't any photos, but those who tire of the movies can spend time discussing all sorts of things on the site's forum. The message board seems to be pretty active and people who have submitted videos are among those who post. It's interesting to read what they have to say about their own vids and others.

I really need to stress that Beautiful Agony is more of an art project than a porn site. If you're all right with that, then you might find its content very interesting. Personally, given the low price tag, I recommend giving the site a look simply because it's very unique.

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  • Comment by: rrstar

    Score: 90% Date: 04/17/2016

    Beautiful Agony demonstrates that truly hot videos don't always have to include nudity. They are all user submitted videos, which makes for great variety and the sense I get is that the vast majority are not doing any acting. Some of the hottest solo scenes I have ever seen are in this site. The only "con" for me is that I believe they should relax the rules a touch, because for me many of the really hot scenes include someone being very creative about the angle or position or view, and they stretch the rules somewhat. BA has tended to allow this but if the rules were relaxed, such as allowing full body shots under blankets, etc., I think there would be more creativity and less repetitiveness. All in all, it's a great site and also inexpensive.

  • Comment by: Sandra

    Score: 90% Date: 03/07/2011

    When I first found beautiful agony a few years ago, it was a revelation to see so many other women enjoying masturbation just like myself.
    It gives me the feeling of belonging to a special female community. This is quite liberating. I have masturbated all my life and never needed a reason to do it. It just felt good. Now I masturbate with my circle of friends and we all enjoy our "Beautiful Agony" together. This is the best website ever. How about adding another section that shows no faces, but only what the ladies are doing to achieve orgasms. There's nothing as beautiful as watching us women getting ourselves off...and yes, many of us are awesome squirters.

  • Comment by: ImGoingBlind

    Score: 90% Date: 03/15/2009

    Great site if your thing is watching an amateur's face as thier climaxing (yes that means guys are featured too). Seems to be a mix of unknowns as well as girls from the australia sites 'AbbyWinters' and 'IFeelMyself'. Older videos seem to be at 320 X 240 resolution, where as new videos are 416 X 312. Downside is that the videos arent named anything meaningful nor are they grouped on the site as to how the person is achieving thier climax.