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A.K. Anderson

By: A.K. Anderson
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While site banners aren't always the best indication of what you are going to get on the site, the one for the No Rest Network is pretty accurate. It is also hard to miss, with that nice gaping female asshole staring back at you from the top of the screen. That isn't all, though.

The rest of the NoRestNetwork banner features sexy body parts, two chicks getting cock up in the butt, a threesome and beautiful eyes looking at you with a wanton stare. In fact, throw in a dildo-filled pussy and a chick with a fist up her hole and you get an even better idea of what this network will provide.

Signing into the site the first thing you will see is the homepage with some thumbnail images representing the upcoming scenes. That is all well and good, but we want to see what is there now, right? Well, to do that just go to the "scenes" section (you can get there via the top-page menu) and there it all is.

On page after page you can browse through 451 episodes. They all appear as thumbnail images with a scene title, a rating (which you can do as well) and a link to the network site from which that specific scene comes. You can use that link to get to a specific site and there is also a drop-down menu at the top of the page that will allow you to do the same thing.

Your membership gets you access to 13 sites in total and some of them are: No Rest For The Ass, Dildo And Fisting, Gapes In POV and Mad Perversions. As you can tell just from the sitenames, you are getting plenty of butt-banging, gaping and hardcore sex. The remaining sites in the network are focused on lesbians, more hardcore banging and deep throat sucking and gagging.

Individually, none of the sites are huge. At this moment the biggest site has almost 80 episodes, while the smallest has around 20. These numbers also suggest that updating might not be completely symmetric throughout the network - and that some sites just aren't updating anymore. However, every two or three days you will be getting something new from one of the sites, which should make you happy. The quality of the content will also make you happy.

Most of the picture sets come with a set of high-res photos and all the videos can be streamed in an embedded Flash player and downloaded in various Windows Media formats, the highest of which is HD. The oldest scenes don't offer the high-def choice, but everything added over the last while does and that should continue in the future.

Also, for the streams, you will be able to skip ahead only as far as they are loaded. I did find though, that if I just paused the movie for 30 seconds then it would fully load and I could go wherever I wanted. Although, this could possibly vary based on the Internet connection.

The chicks are all gorgeous and, from what I saw, most are Eastern European (expect the chicks to be hit and miss when it comes to speaking English, whereas the guys on and behind the camera are pretty good). The action is hardcore no matter the niche and the quality is usually high.

The network isn't as large as other mega-sites and the price tag is a little above average. It is still worth it though as the No Rest Network continues to updates multiple times a week giving you very little time to rest if you want to get through it all.


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  • Comment by: Not Happy Gilmore

    Score: 55% Date: 07/28/2010

    OK lets start with...

    Has amazing girls, doing amazing things, with their assholes (& pussies & mouths) you wont find anywhere else!

    (Why i gave it such a low score)...This network operates at a snails pace, and is completely unstable all times of day & night (it is painfully slow at times just to look at pics). Add to that, the network goes down practically every 10 minutes, which also equals, anything you are trying to download failing!! To top it off there is no customer one answers emails, PMs, etc.

    Content is amazing, but not worth the time or aggravation (or for that matter the money)!!!
    A quick web search of the network, will show this problem has been going on for years. Should have done my homework first!!

  • Comment by: analyzer

    Score: 85% Date: 03/06/2010

    Just rejoined to update of movies from this network (which is a slow and laborious process unfortunately). Great network for fans of anal focused sex. Sure some of the scenes don't feature anal, but that's more than made up for by the majority of the scenes which focus on the cocks, dildos and fists buggering cute Russian babes' arses. In contrast to the majority of sites with Russian girls, which have a teen theme, this network dresses (often the same) girls in slutty fetish wear and stripper heels which I much prefer.