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Updated on: 02/05/2016

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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  • There are more than 540 new photo sets along with 40 new videos. Updates must not only be daily, but also sometimes include more than one set of images. New amateur flicks are probably added once or twice a week.

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This site is scored on its photo content—not videos!

Whenever I review a site like Our Sex Photos, I'm always amazed at how many couples out there not only film and photograph their sex life, but also agree to have it up on the Web for anyone to see. I mean, who knew that so much of the world's population had an exhibitionist streak? Then again, with many celebrity careers being launched with sex tapes, many folks see themselves as stars.

OurSexPhotos has the word "photos" right there in the sitename, but that doesn't mean there aren't any videos. It does perhaps explain, though, why there aren't nearly as many of them as there are photo sets. But there's still a good amount, with 244 movies. Although, finding them is a little difficult, even after heading into the section labeled "home sex photos and videos."

You'll find them mixed in among the photo sets in the section dedicated to couples who submitted both galleries and videos. Enter one of the sets and scroll to the bottom of the page. There you'll see several JW Players and beneath them is a download link to the files. Each scene is average in quality and most are broken up into parts, but some are in full-length files.

The bulk of the content here is the 2,417 photo sets that combine to house 176,850 pictures. The photos are presented as thumbnail links in the middle of the page, as well as text links on the left-hand side, and they're divided into different niches. Some have the word "sets" and others "mix."

Most of the "sets" have about 60 shots (they conveniently give you the amount), all coming from the same shoot. The ones called "mix" act as humongous galleries loaded with hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of pics with diverse performers and multiple sexual encounters. You'll usually find both a "sets" and "mix" gallery for the various niches, like hardcore, solo, mature and group sex.

There are some big high-res shots that look great and also smaller blurry ones. Besides the niches I already mentioned, you can also look forward to interracial action, blowjobs, lesbians and handjobs. There are Zip files for the galleries organized by "sets", but you'll have to save the ones in the "mix" sections individually.

The content doesn't seem to be exclusive. Not only did I recognize some scenes, but I also did some investigating that seemed to confirm my hunch. Also, I recognized performers that I've seen on other porn sites (and not made-at-home sites either), meaning some of the content is of a more professional caliber than you might assume heading in - although much of it wasn't, which is nice.

The tour mentions daily updates and the dates seem to confirm that fact. As does the amount of content added since our last visit. The biggest selling point for Our Sex Photos is its low monthly price tag - and cheaper rebill. If you're someone who likes true amateur action and prefers pics to vids, there's a good chance you'll enjoy visiting for the few bucks they're asking.

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