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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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If you're into bareback sex and some kinky action then you probably have already heard of Hot Desert Knights. This studio produces some great bare backing, fisting and leathermen content. They offer some hot pornstars such as Matt Sizemore, Will West and Jeff Palmer.

However, I've always found when I've watched their DVDs that they have and amateur feel to them. That's definitely true of the website too. It really looks old school. Even the fonts for the text seem to have come from the early days of the Internet. In the end, it's all fine since it accurately reflects the overall quality of what the site offers.

HotDesertKnights has about 170 short videos. They only show you about four minutes or less of action. They can be downloaded or streamed in Windows Media format and RealPlayer files. Either way, you end up with incredibly low-quality playback.

We're talking worse than you'll see on the promo tour of most websites. The bitrates are abysmal. The screen ratios are tiny. It's hardly even worth your time to watch them. There are five videos feeds linked to the site that actually offer vids more worth your while even thought they're streaming-only of course.

There are 426 galleries. Almost 80 percent of the photo sets show the various men that work for the studio in solo spreads. Then just over 20 percent of the layouts show stuff from various movie shoots. If the vids weren't already a disappointment enough, even the photos are a letdown.

Sure, in most cases, they are actual still pics, not just vid caps. However, they're low-res and grainy. There are no Zip files to download the sets in one-click. There is a hands-free slideshow feature at least. Again, the quality is so low that it's hardly worth your time to bother checking out this section either.

I've already mentioned the five extra feeds that come with your membership. Sadly, they seem the highlight of the entire site. I already explained that they offered vids that looked better than the main ones do. Other extras include some desktop wallpapers and screensavers.

You can send some X-rated ecards. Some of them are animated. There are 20 erotic stories. There's also a site blog. Main content hasn't been updated in quite a while. It appears that there are large gaps between updates. The Hot Desert Knights website ends up being a big disappointment. You can find the studio's content other places in better formats.

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