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Updated on: 03/26/2016

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Public Disgrace is a bit of a mixed bag. It combines public sex with gangbangs, but they don't actually happen in public at all. However, they do happen in front of crowds of folks who are supposedly "strangers" and who sometimes take part in the fun. Incidentally, Princess Donna, who now runs the site, was nominated for the Most Dominant Master/Mistress category for the RabbitsReviews Best of the Web 2010 awards.

A new video usually gets added to PublicDisgrace once a week. These vids are set in all kinds of locations, such as a barber shop, a car wash, a crowded bar or some other place where a chick can get dominated by more than one stud at once. Most of the time Mistress Donna is controlling the action, but there are other dominant females as well.

There are 346 videos that deliver high-def playback in many cases. You can also download them for your mobile device and the hardcore sessions can last over an hour. I liked all these scenes. Having some personal experience in the field (a parking lot and an alley), I know that nothing feels better than a naughty hottie going down on your dick in public.

Still, for rough gangbang action, the laundromat scene is intense. I haven't seen so much white turned rosy pink since I accidentally threw my red sweatshirt in with a load of tighty whities. Missy Woods gets manhandled, spanked and fucked hard. I also liked seeing a babe named Kitty being snapped by the cameras of tourists. She's made to wear uncomfortable metal stilettos while tied naked to a lamp post near a museum in Germany.

The 346 photo galleries can be downloaded in Zip files and the high-res images they contain show off every detail of pain play, clothespins, dildos, face-fucking, DPs, suspensions, electricity play and more. The only rule here is that babes must be outdoors or in front of an audience. Even when they capture rather active moments, they manage to do so with professional, crisp images. In fact, many times, there's a artistic flair in the way they capture even the most intense hardcore.

The way you're forced to navigate through the content isn't great. Everything's spread across multiple pages and you don't have the ability to jump to a specific page unless you're heading for the first or last page. Making it possible to jump to any specific page would improved the website.

There aren't any full-access bonus sites, but you do get access to a behind-the-scenes site for the entire network (that you can access with or without a membership) and there's a members' forum. The high production values make these scenes worth checking out. It must take quite a bit of work to create some of these masterpieces. Public Disgrace is the best place to see somewhat public BDSM.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Naxxxela

    Score: 40% Date: 04/08/2016

    Half of the movies is mostly about humiliation and the second half is mostly just regular sex with an audience with some humiliation elements too it. The low score i gave might just be about my preferences in porn, you might like it better.

  • Comment by: RobMBA

    Score: 85% Date: 06/10/2012

    Not the best site offered by Kink, but I found the updates to be good, especially the newer sets. The original sets features Eastern European women left a lot to be desired, but the newer sets moved to locations in and around San Francisco are a lot more entertaining. If you join for a month, you will not feel ripped off, but as I said before there are other sites offered by Kink that I would join prior to this one.

  • Comment by: robm

    Score: 40% Date: 01/11/2011

    Great idea but fatally flawed and almost totally staged with extras. Very little actual true Public sex but lots of posing, nudity and S&M bondage leash walks and bound posing but again whenever it gets serious the extras are there.. because there are lookouts alerting them to real public onlookers.

    Great S&M flavour and credible hard treatment and actresses really show excitement and after reaction. There are so many clips free from this site and pics on the net now there is no point paying to join it as you will get the idea anyways. It gets dull quickly as noted by others because you know nothing unexpected will happen. No real risk of public reactions. However the film quality is superb visually and its a smart site but overpriced and contrived Could be so much better but its again a slick corporate cop out.

  • Comment by: jess

    Score: 1% Date: 01/09/2010

    think its pretty messed up with those girls and how there willing to put themself out like that its a disgrace . im not some jesus person but still they could of showed themselfs better.

  • Comment by: One Hand Bandit

    Score: 50% Date: 02/17/2009

    This site doesnt live up to the hype.Yes there are some smoking scenes but gets boring quick, save your money use kink on demand

  • Comment by: Dirty Mike

    Score: 95% Date: 01/28/2009

    This site is unique!
    It´s not the voyeur-site.It´s public humiliation of girls with the help of a woman!
    The site should have some extra-sites or bonus! That´s all.