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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Are you feeling down and thinking of ending your life? Well, before you go and do something stupid like taking a bath with your toaster, you should take a few minutes to go visit Suicide Scarlett, because this hot babe has a body to die for and, ironically, the sight of it might reinvigorate your will to live.

As noted above, SuicideScarlett has a smoking-hot body, but this sexy redhead also has piercings and tattoos, so if you're into chicks with an alternative edge, she'll blow your mind. If you'd like to see more of her, all you have to do is check out the 10 videos and 21 sets of pictures that she appears in.

The videos can be downloaded as Windows Media and MP4 files and they can also be streamed in an embedded player. Unfortunately, the playback ranges from poor to average. The flicks are softcore affairs that depict Scarlett sleeping, taking a piss, rubbing her ass all over a guy's crotch, playing with her pierced nipples, riding a balloon and smoking medicinal marijuana in the nude.

As for the photo sets, all the images are high-res and they show Scarlett posing and getting naked. No Zip downloads are provided, so you'll have to save the pics you like one at a time.

This website could definitely stand to add more content, but I wouldn't hold your breath (unless you're reading this while puffing on some medicinal marijuana of your own, of course). It's been a couple of years since anything new appeared, so it's safe to say that updates have stopped.

Now before you go and get all depressed again and start searching for some munchies, you should know that a membership comes with bonuses that include access to 27 other VIP Members network websites, like Addison St James, Angie XXX, Lactalia, Nasty Adam Eve and Smoking Mina, in addition to video feeds and live cams.

Sure, if you dig the other gals you might consider signing up. But most of their sites aren't updating either and as previously mentioned Scarlett is lacking updates and is only providing a small amount of average-quality material. I love this girl, but not her site.

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