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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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In an industry oversaturated with cookie-cutter big-boobed blondes, sites like Alt Dolls are often a breath of fresh air. I applaud any site that wants to showcase cuties with an alternative flair and many of the chicks here most definitely have that. Not all the models are hardcore Goths or punks by any means, but they aren't your typical-looking babes either.

Having a soft spot for gals with a bit of an edge, I was eager to check out AltDolls and everything that it had to offer. Once I logged into the site, I immediately made my way to its video section. I was excited by what looked to be a lot of flicks, but once I got to watching them, I quickly realized that almost all of the videos were actually split into parts.

What looked like a lot of vids actually wound up being about 28 movies. I was disappointed and things only got worse when it dawned on me that the flicks were little more than softcore photo shoots captured on film. They weren't all that enjoyable and the quality of the videos is below average, too.

After viewing a few movies, I made my way to the galleries where more disappointment awaited me. Again, it looked like there was a lot more content than there actually was due to organization. All the sets are spread out over several galleries and some actually contain parts of two different sets, so counting it wasn't as easy as it could be. I'd say that there are about 25 sets of pictures. All the pics that I looked at were high-res.

It looks you get access to nine other sites, but I'm sorry to say that they aren't very good. Two are Tinsley Towers and Van Babes and neither offers very much content. The quality of their material isn't all that stellar either. The members' homepage actually has links to all the sites and I can't say I love the design. It's sparse and there's a lot of white space.

If there was more content, better-quality videos and even some updating (the numbers haven't changed much since our initial review, so I highly doubt more material is coming), the membership fee might be worth it. As it stands, though, I can't encourage you to drop cash on Alt Dolls when there are better alternatives out there.

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