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Zoe Roark 

By: Zoe Roark
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Her Self Pics is a site where female users are provided with a camera and after they're done taking pics of themselves, they send the camera back to the site. At least that was the original premise. The site has now just become another home for amateur candid and hardcore content.

HerSelfPics is a user-generated site, meaning the content comes from amateur folks like you and me. You upload pics or vids yourself and then you can comment on them and talk about them in the forums. The site promises daily updates and that does seem to be the case these days. It also looks like the forums are somewhat active.

It's pretty much impossible to count the number of videos. There's probably around 4,500 videos, but that's just a guess. The reason is because, unlike the pictures, the site doesn't give you a total. There are pages to peruse, but you'll notice that there's no end. I got to page thousand-something before I gave up. Also, many of the same vids were repeated in subsequent pages.

The movies can all be streamed in an embedded Flash player, but they can't be downloaded. You could save them to your computer in the past, so obviously something here has changed and not for the better. The movies tend to look average for the most part, but that isn't too surprising considering their sources.     

There are 10,696 photos. In the "pictures" section, you can click "all," which will tell you exactly how many there are. They aren't organized in any specific way and there aren't sets per se, so it's really like there is one big photo gallery. Sometimes you'll see the same babe in a row, but most are single images. The quality varies, but many can be clicked on to get a high-res image and some already come in high-res.

Navigation (as you might have already guessed) is a pain in the ass. I kept being taken back to the tour page, which was annoying, and there doesn't seem to be any organization or consistency to anything, so basically surfing the site involves a lot of clicking through pages of text links and thumbnails and checking out what looks interesting to you.

What are you gonna see? Well, lots of chicks, chicks and more chicks having fun and exploring their sexuality by being naughty nymphos. Watch them dance, strip, hang out at the park topless, get wild at parties and much more. While most of the content is softcore, I saw some hardcore sucking and even a gangbang or two.

The site has a standard membership fee and you get some links to free galleries. Her Self Pics provides lots of content, but just be prepared to spend some time finding it all.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Mike

    Score: 3% Date: 03/29/2010

    When browsing videos I find all you need to do is click refresh to see the next repeated crop of random videos - the pages are bogus there are about 50 videos that just keep reappearing on each page randomly never the same twice same with the pics this site is a RIP OFF.

  • Comment by: Disgruntled

    Score: 10% Date: 02/16/2010

    Pro: -Many images of next door girls
    Con: -Paying for storage of said images without any order or sense. Site is basically broken.

    Even the customer support link is broken. You'd need years without a life to search through more than about 20 pages on this site before your brain melts down from boredom. A blind monkey could organise better than this.

    This has to be one of the worst sites ever made.