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Zoe Roark 

By: Zoe Roark
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Everyone's an exhibitionist when it comes to the Internet. However, just because there are tons of sites where you can post videos of yourself doing stuff doesn't mean that everybody wants to see it. Nonetheless, many sites have jumped on the bandwagon of this trend and Xposing is one of them.

Xposing is full of amateurs, so there's a realness to the content. Some of the videos look like they were taken from hidden cameras, like the couple getting it on in a coffin at a funeral home, but most are just regular Joes and Janes filming themselves or their friends. For this reason, none of the content is exclusive.

The site is huge, which often means poorly designed and organized and that is sort of the case here. There's a menu at the top of the page as well as on the left-hand side that show you where things are. However, I did want to pull my hair out when they asked me to keep signing in even though I already had. It took a few times until I finally saw the "log out" button at the top.

There are way too many videos to give you an accurate count. There are thousands of pages and I realized quickly that I could not possibly click "next" forever - my arm would fall off before I reached the end. I also saw many of the same clips being repeated over and over on different pages. Something should really be done about that. It's easier to count the pics, because if you click on "all" near the search in the pictures section, you'll see over 19,410 photos available.

I guesstimate that there are around 4,000 movies. The vids can be streamed and downloaded in various formats. I saw AVI, Flash, Windows Media and MPEG. The quality varies quite a bit, so even though there are lots of good-quality flicks, know that there are many that are a lot better and plenty that are a lot worse. The pics vary in quality as well.

Because the site is user-generated, there are many ways to communicate with your fellow pervs and share your intimate moments, or the moments you stole from others without their permission.

A membership is reasonably priced and there's something new to see every day. If you're a voyeur and prefer seeing amateurs acting naughty or just taking a piss outside, then you'll appreciate hanging out at Xposing, where everyone's a pornstar.


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