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Updated on: 06/07/2015

A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Since we last visited Xposing...

  • You'll find a slightly better design, but there are some broken links and navigation issues in the photo section.
  • There are fewer videos, but they look to have removed a lot of the duplicates and the section is easier to browse.

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Everyone's an exhibitionist when it comes to the Internet. However, just because there are tons of sites where you can post videos of yourself doing stuff doesn't mean that everybody wants to see it. Nonetheless, many sites have jumped on the bandwagon of this trend and Xposing is just one of them.

Xposing is full of amateurs, so there's a realness to the content. Some of the videos look like they were taken from hidden cameras, like the couple getting it on in a coffin at a funeral home, but most are just regular Joes and Janes filming themselves or their friends. For this reason, none of the content is exclusive since we don't know where else these people have submitted their naughty movies.

The site is huge, which often means poorly designed and organized, but that's only half the case here. The design has changed a little since our last visit and it's not the worst interface I've ever come across. There are content tags, user ratings, sorting options and a way to track all your favorites. As for the navigation, though, there are some issues with the photo section.

When you click on a photo's thumbnail it takes you to the site's forum where you can access other sets in various categories. This is all well and good (and the sets in the forum can be saved in Zip files), except that there's no way to specifically find that photo you initially clicked on. Many of those thumbs show different resolutions and info about the pic, but when I right-clicked to download a few, I just ended up saving the thumbnail.

Also, when browsing the many pages in the photo section you can select any page you want, but if you try using the "next" link, you get an error page. It's better to just use the "all" link near the top. There you'll see the 21,302 photos.

When I headed into the "amateur videos" section I was told that the current count stood at 393 videos. This was a much easier way to count than having to click through every page, which is what we had to do the last time. Also, this time there are fewer pages, which means fewer videos.

Now, I'm not sure if they removed a ton of them and are putting them back online or what. I also know that last time we found multiple scenes duplicated on the various pages, so they look to have at least removed those, which is nice. I don't see any dates on anything, so I can't confirm how often they add new content or how frequently the site will grow going forward.

And speaking of pages of movies, you can browse by skipping ahead a few pages at a time or going ahead and jumping right to the last page. Now, not being able to jump to a specific page is usually frustrating, but the video section just isn't big enough for that to be an issue yet. As it stands you can get to any page with 1-3 clicks.

The videos can be streamed and downloaded in various formats. I saw AVI, Flash, Windows Media and MPEG. The quality varies quite a bit, so even though there are lots of good-quality flicks, know that there are many that are a lot better and plenty that are a lot worse.

Because the site is user-generated, there are many ways to communicate with your fellow pervs and share your intimate moments, or the moments you stole from others without their permission. So if you're a voyeur and prefer seeing amateurs acting naughty, then you'll appreciate hanging out at Xposing, where everyone's a pornstar. Plus, the membership is reasonably priced.

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