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Zoe Roark 

By: Zoe Roark
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There's something to be said for mystery, which is why so many people enjoy a tease of nudity rather than full-on nakedness. After all, it's not hard to see tits and ass these days. You don't even need to sign in to sites to preview what the girls will look like without any clothes on. So there's a definite market for content that hides nipples and slits. That's where Non Nude Girls comes in.

NonNudeGirls is a user-generated website in the same vein as other sites where you can upload your own content. You can create a profile, share comments, rate content, chat on the forums and more. However, I wouldn't call the site completely non-nude, because I did see many tits and pussies. I would say the majority of girls are hiding their glory, but you just know they're dying to show it all off.

There's a lot of content to peruse and there is a menu at the top of the page linking you to everything. However, some of the links would take me back to the sign-in page when I hadn't even signed out. Also, it's very hard to know how many videos there are because the movie section goes on forever and a lot of the content gets repeated. It can get rather frustrating, although since I now told you about it, you're saved from clicking "next" until your hand goes numb.

I'll have to guesstimate that there are around 4,500 videos. You can stream them on the site and also download them in Windows Media, AVI and MP4 files. It seems that the best of the vids only offer average-quality playback. You'll see girls, girls and more girls on the beach, in clubs, at the mall, in their bedrooms, on hidden cameras, dancing, flashing, teasing and much more.

Because anyone can post anything, I imagine there's someone who goes through each upload to make sure that it relates to the site, so I'm curious as to how a video of hicks shooting a machine gun in the woods would end up here. I'm sure there are more appropriate places to show a video of that kind.

I can tell you more accurately that there are over 19,430 photos to look at. That's because in the "pictures" section you can click on "all" next to the search feature, which will give you an accurate amount. (They should have something similar for the vids.) Some of the pics are average and others can be enlarged to high-res quality. Just so you know, the photos aren't grouped together in separate sets, so it's like there's one big photo gallery.

The membership fee is very reasonable and there's something new added to the site pretty much every day. Click on "free galleries" at the bottom of the page to get some third-party pics and vids. If you like the idea of seeing amateur Janes getting their 15 minutes of fame, then you'll have fun on Non Nude Girls even if the site isn't all that easy to use.

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