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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Do you intentionally take your girlfriend out to dinner at Mexican restaurants hoping that her bean burrito will produce some nice farts when you guys get home, only to not hear a peep from her ass all night? Well, the girl at Sexy Girls Farting is your kind of girl then. Bean burrito or not, this bitch seems always ready to gas up the joint.

If you noticed that I said 'the girl' as SexyGirlsFarting, that wasn't a typo. Although the word in the URL is the plural 'girls' the sites content is all featuring the same chick in each scene. The same guy is in each scene as well.

The site itself is easy to navigate with all the episode right there on the main page. I was a little confused at first, because after I signed in I still saw the 'join' button at the top of the page. While this is annoying, if you just ignore it, it won't hinder your site experience.

While each scene has its own setup, the basic premise of each is some kind of femdom-type action. This isn't pure femdom in any way, but in the scenes that involve the guy and the girl they almost always have her farting right in his face and then making him get in there to smell the next one she lets loose.

The videos are all downloadable in very good-looking Windows Media content and they are updating weekly. However, when it comes to the actual farting this is where my feelings for the content are mixed.

Although the camera does sometimes get nice and close on the chick's butthole as she seems to force out a fart, the farts themselves don't seem authentic. They sound like fart sounds, but not like they are actual farts being made at that moment. Now, I could be wrong here, but that is the impression I got. However, like I said, you will see the asshole pucker up and when the camera gets in close it does play as if she is farting, which along with the noise works to play into the fetish of it all.

There are 18 episodes available so far and they average about six minutes each. I appreciated the variety of scenarios and this chick does have a cute as and a good attitude about letting loose all those farts.

The price tag is good, but, with no bonuses, only 18 episodes means you might want to wait for a few more weeks of updating before joining Sexy Girls Farting either way.

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