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Updated on: 04/04/2015

A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Since we last visited SissyCaptions...

  • They've continued to update pretty much every two days with more captioned photos.
  • The new site design is better than the old one, but it would be nice to have a section for just the videos.

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This site is scored on its photo content—not videos!

I know what a caption is and I know what a sissy is. Putting these two together got me curious as to what I was in for with this review. Now that I see what Sissy Captions has to offer, I'm impressed with its originality and the concept is very different from anything I've ever seen.

Basically, SissyCaptions is a photo site, although they do have some videos. Each photo has writing on it by a specific author. Sometimes the caption is just a bubble of text, other times it's a short story. The theme, of course, is sissified males who need to learn who's boss. However, the site seems to confuse that word at times.

A sissy is an effeminate male and is used in fetish play to humiliate a man. Male genitals will take on female words, like sissy pussy (asshole) and sissy clit (dick). A female cannot be a sissy, but the authors use that word in some pictures where a chick is sucking a guy's dick or has cum on her, calling her "a good little sissy." Now, when it's a transsexual in the pic, it works, but I just can't swallow using it on a female. Other than that the authors do a great job with the captions.

When we were last here the site was in the process of moving to its new design and today that process is complete. It's a WordPress blog template and while it's not the flashiest it does look a lot better. The captions are organized by posting date and by month. There's also a list of authors should you want to focus in on one person's work. You can also seek out either individual captions or a caption series.

There are about 900 caption sets and the images are very clear. Some of them are exclusive to the site, while others come from different Femdom sites. In them, sissies learn how to behave properly and how to please their Mistresses. There aren't any Zip files, though.

The videos are a bit harder to find given that there's no specific section or filter for them. Instead you just have to stumble upon them among the collection, but they're not the focus of the site, so I'm not going to dock points for it. I counted about 30 videos. Most last less than a minute, but they play in great-quality QuickTime or good-quality Windows Media files. A sexy chick is either in some sort of setting, like a bedroom, or just standing there against a backdrop, telling the sissy how he should be treated and what's in store for him, like learning to take that 8" dildo up his sissy pussy.

There aren't any bonus sites on Sissy Captions unless you pay for a higher-priced membership when you first sign up, but you get a BDSM story and some short audio clips. New captions are posted every two days and there's plenty of content to keep your eyes glued to the screen. If you like reading about sissies and watching some live action too, you'll find a memberhip worth your while.

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