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Updated on: 04/04/2015

A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Since we last visited IndecisiveCaptions...

  • Daily caption updates have continued (no new videos in a while though) and fans of this kind of content will certainly appreciate what the site does.

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This site is scored on its photo content—not videos!

The only thing uncertain on Indecisive Captions is knowing when a submissive male is going to get his chastity device taken off - or if it's going to come off at all. However, don't expect to see a lot of this action live, because this site is all about captions. So if reading your porn isn't something that makes you go "mmm," you won't enjoy what they have to offer.

If you're still with me, you might want to go and get your chastity device out, because you're in for a wild non-orgasmic ride. But that's what you want, right? To be denied until you're begging to be allowed to orgasm? Putting your sex life in a beautiful Mistress's hands is a welcome break from controlling everything else in your life. And that's exactly what the Dommes on IndecisiveCaptions want to do for you.

When we were last here the site noted that they were in the process of moving their content over to WordPress and it looks like they've finished doing so. There's still some stuff in the "archives" section, though, and its design hasn't changed. They do things a little differently here and all the material is organized by month. You can also search by author or seek out individual captions or caption series. But finding the videos isn't so easy because you have to go through all the content and hope to land on one. There's no filter or video section.

So far there are about 2,000 caption sets. Some are standalone captions and others combine to tell a story. Here's an example: "I'll stroke your cock as long as it stays dry, but one drip and little willy goes back in his cage." Many of the images are low-res, particularly among the newer ones, but you'll get lots of high-res images in the bunch. There aren't any Zip files.

Even though the site is mainly photo captions, there are also 62 videos available for download as good-quality Windows Media or QuickTime files. They're only around a minute long. Some show an actual chastity scene and others are just one girl talking to the camera, giving you instructions or just teasing the fuck out of you. In that way, the site feels a little interactive. If you want to get more involved, they'll custom-make a video featuring your chastity fantasy.

I also like the feature that makes you ask for permission to cum. Check it out and you'll hear a short audio clip with a sexy voice telling you whether your jizz comes out or stays in, so you can literally put the control in the hands of these hardcore Dommes! It seems as if you can expect a new set of captions every day, but it's been a while since a new video was posted.

There aren't any bonus sites on Indecisive Captions unless you pay more when you first sign up (they're also caption sites), but the monthly fee is reasonable. You'll also get a forum and erotic stories. If this type of concept appeals to you, then I recommend trying it out and getting that cock of yours under control!

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