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Zoe Roark 

By: Zoe Roark
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When some people look at a pregnant women, they think about the joys and miracle of life and consider it a sacred sight. Then there are others who just find it damn sexy. If you fall into the latter category, then you might enjoy Asian Prego, where life-bearing Japanese cuties show off their large bellies.

I don't know firsthand, but I've heard that pregnant women experience intense moments of horniness that can inspire them to be as randy as their non-preggo counterparts. And no one should be denied sex for nine months. On AsianPrego, these Japanese chicks fuck and suck to their heart's content. Some are in their third trimester, while others are just beginning to show.

There are currently 140 full-length DVDs to download. There aren't any photo sets or even any vid caps. The dialogue is in Japanese and there aren't any subtitles, so unless you speak the language, you won't understand what they're saying. Still, it should be easy enough to figure out what's going on.

The DVDs feature a lot of scenarios. There are lesbian scenes where several cute babes line up and squirt their milk on each other and there is also a lot of hardcore sex. Milk squirting is a prominent feature. Genuine Japanese porn blurs the genitals, but the gals are so frickin' hairy down below that you'd have to be blind to not notice a pussy when it's being penetrated by a dildo, fingers or a cock.

While not spectacular looking, the site is easy to use and all the porn is easy to find. Some DVDs can only be saved in AVI files and others are only available in Windows Media. Either way, you'll get good-quality footage. Unfortunately, you can't stream the movies and the amount of videos hasn't changed in almost a year now.

Extras on Asian Prego include 20 bonus scenes and four sites: Asia Movie Pass, Asian Ropes, Flip 18 and Brokeback Asians. If you like watching pregnant Japanese ladies getting laid, then the downloadable DVDs make the website worth checking out. You just probably won't be coming back since the site isn't growing.

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  • Comment by: Peter

    Score: 25% Date: 06/12/2011

    Its a good site to visit but be careful of the bonus sites. Some of its contents seems borderline or illegal which ever country you may be in. Me i joined it and quit at the same days, just wasted 17$ because of the contents