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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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There are a couple of definitions of the word geek, so I guess I should tell you that if you are looking for a site filled with cute chicks biting the heads off of chickens, then Geek Girls Online isn't for you.

These geeky gals on GeekGirlsOnline aren't the carnival kind, but rather the type that play Dungeons and Dragons and can quote Star Trek (The Next Generation, of course). The site claims that you find smut from "gamers, cosplay fans and knowledge seekers." So hold on to your Harry Potter and let's get into it.

Site design is amateurish, but it's clean and does play into the whole geek thing. Girly images appear on fantasy-type playing cards and there is a pic of an 18-sided die in the banner graphic. As far as the geek aspect goes, they do a pretty good job.

The 135 photo sets depict the girls posing in and stripping out of sexy and often geeky outfits. You will also find some masturbating with toys. Each model has an "about her" section that tells us about her favorite games, movies and books, as well as the type of computer she has and her sexual proclivities.

There are 60 models and each has at least one photo set. A few of them are also featured in videos, but with only 11 vids on the whole site, these girls are obviously in the minority. The flicks can be streamed in an embedded Flash player and also downloaded as great-quality DivX-formatted AVIs. As for the pics, they're crisp and medium-res. You'll be pleased to know that you can download entire sets in Zip files. 

The small amount of videos is the big disappointment with the site. Although, the photo sets could be bigger and of better quality, too, especially if they are going to make the site primarily focused on pictures.

Besides the main material, there is also a forum where geek topics are discussed. Plus, there is a monthly GeekZine that they produce with film reviews, articles, interviews and other assorted kinds of geekery. These extras will keep you busy while you wait for updates, which seem to appear every week or two.

Cute nerdy chicks aside, the best thing about Geek Girls Online is its price. The cost of a membership is so low that you can check out the site for a month and it'll cost you less than what it would cost you to play World Of Warcraft for 30 days. You should definitely give the website a look if you love gorgeous geek gals.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Athena Hollow - GGO Rep

    Score: 100% Date: 05/19/2010

    Response to the previous comment by Wicker -

    First I want to point out that our site does NOT have recurring memberships, thus there is never a need to 'cancel'. It's more like a prepay system. You want a month, you pay for a month, then it expires at the end of that month automatically. On the CCBill page, it does specify that it is a non-recurring membership.

    Next, I'm not sure what you were expecting for photosets. The site has only been live for 2 1/2 years, we update once a week (as stated in this review as well as on our website in several places). We are right where we should be on content.

    Now, as far as the geeky girls not being good geek girls... what would you say qualifies as a good geek girl? I personally am a geek girl. I have played D&D for 10 years, I played magic the gathering from the ages of 10 till 16, I have owned every game system except an SNES and PS3, I can recite most of Macbeth from memory and I code all of my sites in notepad. I like to think that I have quite a grasp on what a 'real' geek girl is. If you read the girls profiles (submitted by the models themselves) you would see they are as well. Not every set is going to have a super nerdy theme, as that's just not possible without having seriously overlapping setups. With that in mind, I also give the models the option of doing what they feel is a set that shows that you don't have to be plastic to be beautiful; that you can play D&D and be sexy naked.

  • Comment by: Wicker

    Score: 60% Date: 03/02/2010

    The site provides some girls with glasses, but in my opinion that doesn't qualify as a good geek girl. There were a disappointing number of photoshoots. I'm not too interested in video so I can't comment here. What was a little scary is that it was difficult to navigate to the membership cancellation page. The number of billing companies was confusing, as well as finding just the right combinations of info to plug in the fields. I tried several times to make my cancellation stick.