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Zoe Roark 

By: Zoe Roark
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Expressing ourselves sexually on film and in pictures is not a twentieth century concept. Pornography has been around since time immemorial. The only thing that has changed is our attitudes, although there are still many repressed individuals the world over. Thankfully, none of them are hanging around here. So for all you open-minded folks, Delta of Venus has compiled a collection of vintage movies and images from times past.

When you login to DeltaOfVenus, you'll see a very nicely organized page that describes what's on the site. It also tells you the most recent updates. I appreciate a site that's straightforward and lets you know what's coming up or changing. It makes you feel like a valued subscriber. Navigation is also a breeze with a menu at the top and links to get back to where you were without having to use the "back" button. It looks like you can expect something new about five times a month.

So what kind of sexual retro fun are you getting? Well, there are a total of 469 movies in four categories: early erotic films 1920 to 1950, mid-century films 1950 to 1969, burlesque and nudie flicks 1940 to 1969 and classic erotic animation. All of the movies were re-encoded into MP4 format back in 2011 and the majority of them are average in quality. Besides downloading the MP4s, you can also stream them through an embedded player. Almost all movies are in full-length, but that's not the case with some of the cartoons.

The countries represented are the US, UK, France, Mexico, Germany, Italy and Sweden. You'll notice that in the sex department, not too much has changed over the last few decades. There's fellatio, penetration, threesomes, BDSM and more. Of course, the majority of films are in black and white. One of them even dates back to 1915 and is supposed to be the first-ever American stag film (hardcore porn scene). It shows two chicks being wowed by a guy's new invention: the "motorized carriage."

There are two picture sections for a total of 23 photo sets. The "art" section has 11 galleries of erotic paintings and drawings from the 1500s to the 1940s by German, French, American, Russian and Italian artists. The photo archives contain 12 galleries of photos from 1850 to 1969. Categories include women (solo), BDSM, sex and lesbian. Again, you'll notice that porn was just as naughty and raw back then as it is today.

The four themes are basically identical while split up into three time frames: 1850 to 1920, 1920 to 1959 and 1960 to 1979. The sex categories, especially in the most recent time frame, have the most pics. The shots are always low or medium-res, with some being better in quality than others. Obviously, this is because the source material is pretty old.

Extras include interesting articles (such as the history of dildos, famous pin-up models and an intro to nude photography), full-length novels downloadable in PDF files, sex-related audio recordings, suggested reading and word origins so you can learn where all those sex terms like "beaver" and "ass" came from.

Delta of Venus is a great site for those into vintage erotica and pornography. The producers have a sincere interest in their subject and make the site both informative and educational. I highly recommend this very well-priced site if you like old-fashioned adult entertainment. Also, while the content is obviously not filmed exclusively for the site, about half of what is here would be almost impossible to find anywhere else.

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