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Updated on: 02/15/2016

Satine Von Stratten  

By: Satine Von Stratten
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  • There haven't been any new updates. However, with nine other network sites available to members, you'll have loads to keep busy with until this site starts updating again (hopefully).

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You know how you always see chicks walking around town by themselves and they're all sexy and bored and look like they could use a good fuck? Well, if you had some cash and a video camera like the dude on Public Sex Adventures, then you also might be able to get footage of these sexy chicks bouncing on your dick.

I guess people in general love to be filmed doing stuff, so when you come across a woman who looks like she might be willing to fuck you, you should probably be prepared with your handy cam and be a good talker. Which is what the fellow on PublicSexAdventures did and he's managed to get a few girls to fuck him in semi-public areas.

The site looks good and the videos are lengthy (often over 40 minutes). There's a good amount of time spent with our host as he walks around shooting in a POV style and talking with a strong accent, looking for chicks, chatting them up and eventually getting them naked. And in an ode to the Bang Bus guys, he runs off when he's done, leaving the girls with no underwear or pants (the acting is pretty bad, though, as usually they're both laughing as he makes his getaway).

At this point this site has 45 videos that can be downloaded in MP4s. Most offer high-def playback, although the newest come in Full HD. They can also be streamed in an embedded player. The 45 sets of pictures can be downloaded in Zip files and you get high-res images.

Nothing is dated, but I can tell you that they haven't added anything new to the site since the last time we reviewed it, so the counts have remained the same. Not quite sure what's going on here, but hopefully our host will venture forth on some new exursions in the future.

What I like about a site like this, though, is that it gives you the opportunity to witness amateur chicks letting loose and being horny nymphos. Instead of those pornstars with fake tits and circus-clown amounts of makeup, you'll see everyday chicks with an appetite for cock who could put any of the professionals to shame. Although, these "everyday chicks" are gorgeous Russians and/or Czechs who are probably pornstars as well and are perhaps a little less "chick next door" than you might expect.

In the end, the site has a fun concept and could be worth joining. Plus, your membership gets you full access to the WTF Pass network and its nine other sites, including Panda Fuck and HD Massage Porn. The network adds quite a bit of value to Public Sex Adventures.

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