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By: Rabbit
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In the world of adult entertainment, there is hardcore porn and then there are sites like David Nudes, where you'll find skillfully photographed and wonderfully produced art. You'll also get some lessons from David on how to produce this kind of high-quality product. Him and his wife, Tatyana (who is also a model and a sexy one at that!), started this site as an "exploration into the beauty, art and technique of the sophisticated nude."

They've certainly managed to do that and have found some amazingly sexy models who they present in glamorous fashion. DavidNudes has a sleek magazine-style design, so you'll see the thumbnails for the photo updates showing the models as if they're on a glossy cover page. It's a very nicely designed site and the aesthetic is quite pleasant and befitting the artistic content. You can also choose to visit the video section that has larger, but equally great-looking, thumbnails.

You will find 220 movies. You can download them in a few formats, including a Full HD Windows Media file and one that's ideal for use with portable devices like the iPad. You can also stream the movies on the site. Some show you what takes place during the photo shoots and others are model interviews to help you to get to know the gals. You will also find some masturbation and erotic lesbian encounters. We're talking pussy-licking and even strapon sex.

All the photo shoots are very well produced and respectfully done. This is not in-your-face porn, but very lovely gals who have been photographed in interesting settings and provocative poses. The 53 models have over 1,191 photo sets between them. You can view them in several resolutions, but the best is a large, high-res version that looks absolutely amazing. You can download the sets in Zip files or view them in slideshows.

Although there aren't any bonus sites, there is gorgeous desktop wallpaper, blog entries and Twitter feeds from the gals. They give you the chance to interact with all the models and you can also connect with the photographer. While you browse, you can add your favorites to your own personal online collection. David Nudes continues to be a premium site for a great price and it's only getting better with daily updates.


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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: jayman

    Score: 35% Date: 03/21/2014

    Bought the subscription when I was drunk and I regret it. Too many outdoor shots and the only one who can get away with an overload of them is Walter Bosque, but he's not open anymore. This is probably the lowest score I've given at Rabbits.

  • Comment by: verge007

    Score: 65% Date: 04/04/2013

    I like this site because of the models but everything else is just not good enough. Sure some the shoots are hot, nice locations ... but that's were the good story ends. I hate the fact that they split one shoot into smaller parts. Also the sequence of photos is bad: from nude to fully clothed and back to nude. The entire navigation of the site looks cheap: kinda messy, no search option available, ... There are so much better sites in the same category.

  • Comment by: PDB

    Score: 25% Date: 09/05/2011

    I was attracted to this site because it seemed to have many photo sets containing a favourite model.
    My one month subscription was not a happy experience.
    In many cases the zip files for the photo sets I wanted were not available. I reported this via the fault reporting system and my report was neither acted upon or acknowledged during my subscription period.
    Thus, while there were multiple malfunctions on the site, the appearance of a personal service is a charade, as they had nearly a month to deal with the faults without response.
    The number of updates is deceptive. Many of the photosets are split into multiple (6 or 7) episodes, where, with a bit of editing, the hundreds of photos in all the sets could be cut down to about one hundred in one portfolio.
    Many of the updates while I was subscribing seemed to be additions to previously published photo sets.
    The photographer's wife, Tatyana, is ominpresent, in my opinion she is in far too many of the photo sets and there is too much repetition, not enough variety in the models.
    Vidoes are often split into up to six parts, which again may give the person visiting the site the impression there is more content than there is.
    Though some recent videos are full HD (1920x1280) these are few and many of the old videos are poor, both in resolution and artistically. Many of them are the behind the scenes type, with the camera flash going all the time: deeply tedious, un-erotic stuff.
    Most of the photography on the site is pretty soft stuff and you can find it in much greater quantity, variety and quality at Met-Art, Domai, etc. etc.
    Overall this site looks like they are in financial difficulties and is the poorest I have yet come across.

  • Comment by: robT

    Score: 95% Date: 05/14/2009

    Been a member for two months now. Hot girls, superb photography, video section growing every week. Joined because of one of my favorite models - Rima, and have been able to talk to her, hot. Site definitely worth checking out.