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By: Rabbit
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They say that teaching is one of the worst jobs, but I disagree. You get a couple of months off in the summer and there's always a nice teacher's lounge to hang out in. If you need extra money, you can tutor after-hours with students who need help.

If you're a Tricky Old Teacher, you can teach the sweet, nubile babes a little more than they'd bargained for. For example, they might need help with English literature, but you could get them to help you straighten out your Longfellow instead.

The chicks here are so hot, they'll make you harder than calculus. Biology and chemistry are their favorite subjects and they demonstrate their skills by giving oral reports. While physiognomy may not be what's known as a strict science, the way the babes look, it would be enough to drive any teacher crazy. Sometimes the girls need a little convincing, but if you're a TrickyOldTeacher, you're sure to get as much out of the tutoring sessions as you put in.

The site appears to add new content about once a month (sometimes a few more than 30 days pass between updates, though). Right now, there are 158 videos and 158 sets of pictures of clever academics taking the advice of Jean-Jacques Rousseau just one step further. In my mind, this is exactly the kind of education that would help create the ideal citizen.

You get a couple of different options for viewing the videos. You can stream them online or download them as MP4 and Windows Media files. Many of the flicks offer Full HD playback. The pictures look good too and you can download them in Zip files. Save all your favorites, share your opinions with other members or rate them.

The membership fee is a bit above average, but keep in mind that you get full access to 29 bonus sites that feature lots of nubile babes. The sites are part of the 1 Pass For All Sites network and they have names like Spoiled Virgins and Drilled Mouths.

Tricky Old Teacher brings you a decent amount of hot, hardcore sex and its babes are incredibly cute. The site could improve in a few areas, but it's got enough going for it that it deserves a recommendation.


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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: FEG

    Score: 95% Date: 06/29/2010

    Part of the lure of a sight such as this is to see the attractive young girls humiliated by servicing ugly old men.

  • Comment by: Drew

    Score: 75% Date: 12/01/2009

    Pro: Good concept, pretty girls, videos downloadable in full episodes or broken down into 10-14 parts. Decent but not great download speed.

    Cons: They give your email address out to spammers (yes they do, I had a brand new email address only used here, next day I am averaging 45 sex spam emails)

    Sloppy camera work with background camera/operator noise, better in latest updates. Some sets the girls don't even take off their tops?????

    Overall a good site if you like the niche. I enjoyed it (except for the spam).

  • Comment by: Thndr

    Score: 20% Date: 07/06/2009

    I tried a subscription to this network despite the price to satisfy my curiosity. Not much was satisfied i can tell you that. The girls are cute but the men are pathetic. Some episodes have zip picture files while others don't, very inconsistent. Several of the sites don't have updates any more and there are many non working links within the network. Though many subscribers have pointed this out, the webmaster refuses to fix them or even add comments for the ones posting, and these are legitimate issues.

    On the upside, the physical quality of the movies and pictures i viewed looked good, but even so, I would strongly recommend looking further if this is the niche that interests you.