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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Tired of seeing all your porn take place inside on a bed or a couch or in some sleazy motel? Well then, let's take it outdoors with Outdoor Pornstars. There is nothing different about the action on this site other than the fact that every scene is supposed to take place out in the fresh air, by a pool, in the woods, out in a field or... well, you get the idea.

Sadly, some of the scenes on OutdoorPornstars don't even manage that, since I definitely spied one scene where that much maligned couch played a crucial part. Furthermore, even when things are taking out into the fresh air, these are all just nonexclusive hardcore episodes. All they've done is just weed out anything that wasn't filmed indoors and thrown them on the site. Site design is average, but the menu bar along the side of the page does make navigation simple enough.

There is a total of 121 videos available. Based on the few most recent additions, they look to be adding a new video once a week. Content quality is good to excellent overall. You'll see Windows Media formats for the more recent vids and MPEG format for the older scenes. All of the movies are split up into short clips, something some porn goers might not appreciate.

At this point there are 512 sets of pictures. The photos are high-res and can be downloaded in Zip files. Content is a mix of hardcore, lesbian and solo action and from what I could tell there was some exclusive stuff that was all solo posing and playing-outside scenes. The rest of the content found here will look familiar to anyone who has spent quality time with porn over the last five to 10 years.

The price tag is pretty reasonable for an average site like this. The amount of porn available is reasonable and getting better every week, but the non-exclusivity and variable quality of much of the collection put some shade on these Outdoor Pornstars. At least you get 30 bonus video feeds, games and some extra pics and flicks to boost its value.

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