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I'm not exactly sure what these Banned Celebs have been banned from, but they're here on this website, nevertheless. There are tens of thousands of celebrity babes with pictures and video clips that show them in TV, movies, at awards shows and sometimes just walking down the street.

The main aim of sites like this, I believe, is to assemble a large amount of pictures and videos of famous celebrities that would most likely be available elsewhere on the 'net, but this way, it's all in one place. So, that's good. The navigation of BannedCelebs can be a little bit tricky, but really, that's only because there's so much content.

Currently, there are 53,302 videos and about 100,000 picture sets. Now, here's the thing about the pics. Quite often, they'll just be a series of pictures of some celeb walking down the street. You know, the paparazzi-style pics. Other times, you'll get some nudity, or just regular pics of, say, Amy Winehouse at the beach. The picture sets can contain anywhere between 1 to 1,200 pics. Mostly, though, they have about 50 to 100 pictures each. There are some high-res pics in there, but I'd say that they are mostly about average in quality.

As for the videos, the quality varies there as well. I didn't look at all of them, obviously, but the ones I saw ranged from average to good-quality AVI, MPEG or Windows Media files. You won't find much that lasts more than a couple of minutes, but that's to be expected, I suppose. I did find that there were quite a few celebrity babes that did not have any videos at all. The site is constantly updating though, so that should change with time.

One thing I liked about this site is that some of the celebs have links to articles about them from all over the Web. It's not much, but it's a little something extra to set this site apart from its competitors.

There's certainly enough content to keep both hands busy for a while on this site, but there's much more in store for you. Memberships include access to 60 hardcore bonus sites. You'll get to enjoy sites like Gagaholics, Major League Asses and DP Violation.

Banned Celebs isn't the best site ever, but it's far from the worst. You can definitely settle in for a long evening of playing with yourself to celebs here and when you're done, the hardcore bonus sites will help rock you to sleep.

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