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There are some chicks who have limits to what they will do. The great part about Anime Fuck Slutsis that you can get them to do pretty much anything you want and they'll never, ever say no.

AnimeFuckSluts is a site that features animated babes in fantasy situations. There are quite a few sets that take place in castles or on other planets. Whatever the case may be, they're always willing to do whatever is asked of them. I suppose the limits of their sexuality is really defined by the artist at this point and this one didn't really seem to be pushing the bounds of reality too far.

The artwork is fairly good, but far from being the best I've seen and there are only a few hardcore sets. Even those don't go as far as most animated porn does. For the most part, what you get is a bunch of animated chicks in solo poses.

The design of this site is very simple and effective. All the content is easy to find. This site is updated about every four days or so with a new set of pictures. You'll have to content yourself with the pictures, because there are no videos of any kind on this site.

In the photo section, you'll find 143 sets. None of the pictures are high-res, which is quite disappointing. You'll see average-sized pictures of a variety of babes. They're mostly blondes and brunettes shaped like well-built nubile babes. Quite often, animated sites will also push the physical boundaries a little bit, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. Nevertheless, there are some green-haired gals and a nice, tight-bodied blue chick.

To be honest with you, I didn't find the artwork all that appealing. I've seen much better, but I can say that it does appear as though a lot of effort has been put into it, which I can definitely respect.

There are a few bonus galleries, some of which have some short clips of videos, kind of like what you'd find on a thumbs site. There are a couple of games as well. Overall, Anime Fuck Sluts didn't really impress me that much and there is much better artwork out there. They are updating the content frequently though, so if you think this might be your bag, at least there's a fairly good amount of see.

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