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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Okay, we all know that porn does tend to objectify people into a mere collection of body parts, which (depending on your personal views) isn't necessarily a horrible thing, but it can seem almost bizarre at times. That's how I feel about I Shoot Snatches.

I mean, we can all relate to feeling like it's all about the pussy, but on this site they take it to the next level. How so? Well, you don't see any part of the model other than an extreme closeup of her slit.

IShootSnatches has 40 videos, but no photos or even vid caps. The closest thing to pictures are large thumbnails for each video. You don't really need more than that, since you're not going to see any other part of the babe in question beyond her pussy. Other than the gal's name, you're not going to know anymore about her beyond the way her slit looks and the sounds she makes while she pleasures herself.

Before I go any further, I feel I should mention one very annoying aspect of the site. There are only about five pages worth of content, but you're continuously asked to move to the next page to see more material. As you move along, you'll be presented with page after page of pussies that you've already seen. This gives one the impression that there's more content than there actually is.

All the movies can be downloaded as full-length MPEGs that provide great-quality playback. As mentioned, you'll only see pussies and nothing else, except of course for fingers and toys. Some of these horny chicks go at it so hard that you'll wonder how they make themselves feel so good. The guy who shoots the flicks makes a point of mentioning that you're also going to hear the damp orifices and not just silently stare into them.

Nothing is dated, but the amount of content hasn't changed in a long time, so I think it is safe to say they aren't updating. There aren't any bonus sites or other extras, so what you get on the site is all there is. Nevertheless, I Shoot Snatches costs considerably less than most other websites, so it might be worth exploring if you are really intrigued by the concept.

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  • Comment by: jws

    Score: 5% Date: 08/16/2010

    I purchased access in the morning. I canceled my subscription that night. Content is very limited. Save your $15 bucks. There is more extensive content out their for the price. I consider this a very low value site. You can not say you were not warned to stay away from this site. The owner is looking for suckers to send him $15 a piece for a few videos. Could not get the content to fully load. Only the first few seconds of each video were viewable. Very dissatisfied with ishootsnatches.com website.