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Melissa Koznuk 

By: Melissa Koznuk
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Just because you don't like your own body getting sticky with food doesn't mean you wouldn't love to watch your partner get covered from head to toe in your favorite foods, getting delightfully messy. Well, if the chick on My Messy Kaylee was your willing partner, then you'd definitely be able to coax her into some wet and messy play. However, since she isn't, why not settle for hot porn of her getting messy time and again?

Kaylee is a cute brown-haired coed with a personality that really shines through in each scene. You'll learn what she likes doing, like spreading creamy pie filling all over her soft cooch, and what she finds less appealing, such as becoming a human salad with some strong-smelling dressing. Either way, she goes along with the plan that her roommate has for her.

Although in the scenes I watched it was only her tight pussy, firm tits and clothes that got messy, I can assure you that she gets a little more wild in some of the other scenes when she decides to cover her hair and face with wet concoctions.

You can download each of the scenes in your choice of HD QuickTime files or good-quality iPod-compatible files. If you need it, there is a lower-quality download option as well. The only disappointing thing is that, to date, there are merely 14 movies.

In addition to the videos, you'll also have the option of downloading two photo galleries in Zip files. The pics are medium-res images, but at least you can save them. Hopefully the weekly update schedule will improve the situation with the lack of content shortly.

As with many sites in the porn world, there is a tradeoff with this one. You'll get some high-quality content that no doubt required some expensive equipment, but, more importantly, the scenes are all squarely related to the WAM fetish. What you won't get is any bonus content to keep you occupied while you wait for updates.

While there are some drawbacks here, many wet and messy fetishists will be willing to overlook them. However, I can't seem to overlook the small size of the collection right now.

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