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Man, I love me some amateurs. Chicks that might be from right next door to you that look so fine, you just want to make like Winnie the Pooh and get your nose right up in their Amateur Honey Pot.

The great part about sites like AmateurHoneyPot is that they feature those amateur honeys that we all love. The weird part about this site is that it also features a whole bunch of older, nonexclusive content with some well-known pornstars. I guess it's possible that the content is so old that Ava Devine was still an amateur when they made this film, but I'd say it's highly unlikely.

So, it's not strictly amateur content. Is that the worst thing in the world? Not really, as long as you know what you're getting into. What you're getting into is one whole heck of a lot of content that doesn’t really fit any particular genre other than just good old fashioned hardcore porn.

Getting at all the content can be a bit tiresome. The content is on many, many pages that have 12 videos and 12 sets of pictures on each one. The only way to navigate is to click 'next page,' so if you're after something a little further along in the page count, you're going to invest an awful lot of time in getting there.

For example, there are 647 videos on 53 pages. For the most part, the quality of the content ranges from poor to average Windows Media files, but there are some great-quality MPEGs mixed in there as well. You can download the videos to your computer or you can stream them in an embedded player in your browser window.

The photos are even more numerous than the videos. There are 1,523 sets of pictures that feature all kinds of chicks, amateur and otherwise. There are some amazingly beautiful women as well as some chicks that are definitely amateurs. The pictures can call be viewed in small, medium or high-res size. There is no slideshow option and no Zip sets to download.

There is some extra content on this site, but with so much already, it kind of seems like overkill, especially since you have to go through exactly the same process to browse that content. The bonus stuff does come in several categories, but if you choose amateur, you'll get exactly the same content as is on the site to begin with.

If you're a patient person and don't mind taking your time to look for content, you might enjoy Amateur Honey Pot. You should take into account that you're going to get mostly average-quality content and the price is a little steep as well.

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