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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Before signing in, I read on the Femanic tour that it had perverted lesbians, which I found somewhat politically incorrect until I signed into the site. These ladies aren't perverts for being lesbians, but rather because of some the kinky stuff they do. Their WAM antics are only the tip of the iceberg as you'll see from some of the liquid that pours out from between their legs, if you know what I mean - wink, wink, nudge, nudge. In a word, these babes get nasty.

Femanic has produced seven exclusive movies, so some of the content is sampled from the DVDs, while other material seems to have been made for the site. This means there are several sets of vid caps, which although quite crisp and clear, don't count toward the content amount in our books. There are 20 galleries of still pics, though, that vary in quality. Some are high-res, some aren't. You'll see gals covered in all kinds of liquid, such as custard, safflower oil and strawberry yogurt.

The 40 videos also mix some preview clips with specially filmed scenes, as well as the full-length scenes from the DVDs. The previews are low in quality, but you can download the full-length scenes in a Windows Media format with average-quality playback.

Although once you follow the update link, the files are marked clearly as to whether they're an actual video or merely a sample clip. Ideally, you'd be able to tell more easily before following the links. Nevertheless, the downloadable DVD scenes are totally worth their weight in gold, so to speak, and hint at some of what you'll see in the footage.

There are no full-access bonus sites, but the main content is advertised as being updated at least weekly. In fact, it appears that currently they add new content more than once a week, although I can't be sure you'll always be seeing something that isn't a preview clip or a set of screen caps.

There are occasional navigational issues with the site, but if you report a broken link, you can earn a free month of membership, so it almost counts in the site's favor to find the rare error. Femanic brings you uniquely raunchy lesbian action with a wet & messy theme.

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  • Comment by: Rabbit

    Score: 10% Date: 09/10/2013

    1 - The content is consistent with what the site is advertising.
    1 - Compared to the design of, your 12 yo niece blog could look like a multinational website.
    2 - The sorting and organization are... not.
    3 - Though it is rather limited, there is absolutely no way to get sure that you have browsed all the content.
    4 - Downloads can't be resume.
    5 - There are multiple download limits but the site doesn't mention them. Once you reach them, you aren't told anything, you just can't access the site anymore for an unknown period. You just have to guess why, how and when. Your email won't be replied.
    6 - The quantity is very limited. I have only found around 30 movies matching the niche. For a site initially reviewed in 2008 (more than 60 months ago), that is a bit short. Several movies despite their age are still incomplete ("10 parts to be added").
    7 - The movies are randomly divided into 5 to 20 parts equally weighting but without any regard to the scene parts. That also contributes to make the download a mess.
    8 - To cancel your subscription you will have to "". Then, after you have entered the details of your login, you have to chose a "label" from 1 to 9 and decide whether you want to "Button" & " or "

  • Comment by: Glen

    Score: 20% Date: 01/31/2011

    There is no weekly updates as promissed. Videos is 960x540. No parallel downloads. You cant resume broken download. Pictures? There is only several galleries. Its better to join another site.

  • Comment by: Scooter

    Score: 70% Date: 06/05/2010

    This site would rate much higher if I was just reviewing the content. The models are, for the most part, really hot doing really nasty stuff. The content is unique and these ladies do things that would make other porn stars blush. The true problem with this site is the membership. The site goes down quite often. (twice during my 3 month membership) One time, the site was not accessible for a whole week to ALL memberships! Also I got some nasty e-mails from these people. They accused me of sharing my user name and password. I never shared it with ANYBODY. It's clear that somebody hacked my name and password to the site. They gave me another password but I still had problems logging into the site. After some more nasty emails, I finally gave up on this site. My advice: this site is just not worth the headache. Avoid!