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Updated on: 04/04/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Dirty Director is dedicated to the people who love a woman who takes it up the butt. Full of the dirtiest anal home videos on the Net, with 100% exclusive content and updates every first and third Thursday of the month, this site has something for every hardcore anal enthusiast out there.

And when we say hardcore, we're talking about extreme hardcore. From submissive women who like being controlled and used to plastic wrap put around a woman's head as she gives a blowjob to gigantic cucumbers being used to fuck gaping holes to hardcore facials to messy enemas, DirtyDirector is definitely dirty!

So far there are 289 videos and all are downloadable in good-quality, full-length Windows Media formats. The scenes also come split up into clips, but those are only available in lower-quality files. Each scene also has some vid caps. If you join you must check out Star and her amazing asshole (you'll see what I mean and you may never forget what you saw).

The design is pretty unattractive, though. Basically you're just scrolling down the page to check out each scene and there are no bells and whistles. Thankfully there's a write-up and six images to give you some insight into what each video entails. Choose from titles like "Alley Cat's Texas Pussy Massacre," "The Fuck Toy" series, "Fresh Packed Cocksucker" and "Anal Amazon." It would be nice if there was some kind of search and filter functions, though. Even content tags would help.

These women aren't always the most attractive, but they are enthusiatic and dirty, which is more important, I think. Some are young, some are old, some are quite fat and others more slim. At least there's variety. And Mr. Director himself spends some time talking to them before fucking them, so there are some interesting conversations that take place.

Although there isn't any bonus content, I feel like there's definitely plenty of hardcore anal porn here to keep most ass enthusiasts busy for a while. And those of you who want a hard copy of the action are offered discounts on all their VHS and DVD orders. (Yup, I said VHS.)

If hardcore, amateur anal pounding is what you're looking for and you're into extreme porn scenes, then Dirty Director is definitely the site for you. This is no softcore anal-initiation site - only the strong survive here! And given that it offers good-quality movies, it's a very easy recommendation.

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  • Comment by: Mr. Xman

    Score: 90% Date: 12/08/2013

    I have been checking out this site for years and finally decided to join. I was really impressed with the realism of the scenes. Every scene is dirty. The kinky stuff this guy gets out of these women time after time is almost magical. None of them seem to be acting for the camera. They seem nervous to be there one minute and are giggling and gaping wide open the next. It's amazing talent this guy has to get them to open up this naturally on camera. Wish there was more skinny girls as it seems like he likes big girls and grannies the best. And maybe more black girls. But over all my favorite site I've joined so far. Better filthy action than I've found on the web so far. He should do a blowjob site. There are lots of amazing deep throat girls, too. Long live the Dirty Director!

  • Comment by: Pornpundit

    Score: 60% Date: 10/16/2013

    Pro Ok Rabbit, I will agree that this may be truly the filthiest site on the net and the gals will be making both their first AND last time on film.

    The one thing you say that leaves me speechless is that you say the quality is "pretty good". This guy is still using the camera his paw gave him when he graduated high school some twenty years ago and it makes watching the vids like viewing a scene behind a fogged up shower curtain! If you want to see filthy, raw anal sex without Hollywood prep: performed on really fat farmers daughters fresh ( or stale) but right out of a deep south trailer park this might be your meat. For me, watching this makes me feel in need of a shower.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:10/17/2013): Thanks for the comment, Pornpundit. The "very good" is in reference to the bitrate of the videos. Also, a section of the comment was edited to adhere to community standards.

  • Comment by: Dray

    Score: 95% Date: 08/15/2011

    Hands down, one of the best anal sites for fans in this category. Zach Miles proves that age truly is nothing but a number when it comes to women who want to get ass fucked, and enjoy doing it. What makes this site a 'change of pace' is that you have real women from all walks of life who just want to have filthy fun and make no excuses for being themselves. There's no glitz or glamour here, or bullshit scripts to carry a shoot. The next time you indulge in one of those "reality" porn sites, remember how simple this one really is. The only problem i had was not being able to see some of the girls do more than one scene. Otherwise, the site is worth the membership.

  • Comment by: AUNT B

    Score: 95% Date: 07/07/2011

    I found one of the videos first time when I was tidying my lodgers room I found the dvds in his cupboard and my first reaction was I was horrified at such filth but I watched a few of them and the more I watched I could feel myself wanting to give it a go so I made contact with the owner of site Zack Miles I told him I wanted to be in one of his movies but was a bit anxious as didn't feel I would be able to do a full hour of anal. He told me he would be more than happy to break me in what can I say the rest is history I actually appear on this site I cannot tell you who I am cos my Lodger or my son may read this and go to page and see me and I would never live this down.

  • Comment by: Marc

    Score: 85% Date: 09/30/2010

    Damn... these old women in this guy's videos really do some nasty anal. Noticed most do not clean their ass before the video or nothing. My kind of porn. I've joined many sites. This guy Zack Miles shoots the best fuck action I've seen. The movies come off very real and think that is the appeal. Even though the video quality is not as high as I've seen on many sites, in a weird way it seems to add to the realism of the scenes. I personally like amateur style video over the big commercial sites because the scenes in commercial type porn seem to be, too scripted ro something. I hope like hell Zack never quits. Something about his videos makes me want to stay tuned in. The action is graphic, which again is another plus for me. This is really dirty video with real women. I love it.

  • Comment by: Julian

    Score: 80% Date: 08/29/2010

    The good: Fantastic anal with girls next door. No acting. Real anal filth. I regularly jerk it to many of those girls, and works every time.
    The bad: Zach slowly spoon feeding the scenes to the members. There are eleven pages worth of scenes you can't download yet, and by my math (11 pages x 6 scenes/page divided by 2 updates/month = 38 months behind). That's over three years until you get to see his latest scenes from today. And the worst part? NO HD quality at all. So three years from now, you will still be downloading the lower quality videos he took so far as of today. My recommendation as a many time member? Release most, if not all of his scenes to us *now*, and start using HD now as well. Zach, if you read this, it's the best you can do to avoid shooting yourself in the foot in the near future. Do all of our dicks a favor! So in closing, LOVE the girls you use, Zach. But for christ sakes, GIVE US BETTER QUALITY VIDEO. And no, we shouldn't have to get DVD's in the mail in order to get better quality.

  • Comment by: koyo

    Score: 70% Date: 08/03/2010

    Good site but needs to update more frequently. How can one charge so much when there are only 2 updates every month

  • Comment by: BOB

    Score: 90% Date: 01/29/2010

    This site is unique okay the woman are not pin up models but it's nice to see the every day trailer trash get her ass reamed.
    Although the site is designed as just a taster as the owner clearly makes his money from the DVDS and Video's that are available for purchase.

    I became a member but was so disappointed as could not download and save the content I felt so cheated so emailed the owner of the site who happens to be the dirty Bugger that appears in the films.

    He told me that if I really wanted the films to keep I would be better off buying his dvds.

    I must admit I was a bit wary at first but did order some dvds, I even managed to get them half price as I was a member of his site.

    I bought a few and I must say I'm glad I did these women are fuckin dirty and what's more this guy Zack Miles gives them a real good anal reaming.

    The anal you see in these films are like no other I have seen it's like you are there the closeups are unbelievable.

    Be warned if you are a virgin to anal porn this site is not for you it's anal porn at it's most hardcore you won't see anything like this anywhere.

    All in all I don't rate the site all that but the plus side is you can purchase all the content at half price as a member in dvd or vhs format so you have your own copy of filth for good.

    I currently been a member 1 year now and currently own over 200 dvds I think I have been looking for a site like this for ages.

    what does it for me with this site is makes a change to see your everyday women moms,grandmas,being fucked in their ass okay points taken the women are not great looking but let's be honest Guys most women aint all that without their makeup on are they lol.

    To sum up this site is a must see but I would definately recomend buying the content available in dvd format.

  • Comment by: Dick Facemaker

    Score: 10% Date: 01/29/2010

    This is the worst site I've ever seen. The women are so ugly you will never get wood. How is this rated well?

    There are a lot of videos.

  • Comment by: KingFletcher an Asshole

    Score: 100% Date: 01/20/2010

    Good site but needs to update more of his vids like every 2 weeks not monthy i wanna join but like you guys say you cant keep the vidz wich is crap. so i wont even bother i have seen some of his vidz and i love them ZACY MILES IS THE ANUS KING

  • Comment by: no way

    Score: 4% Date: 11/27/2009

    ew!? low-quality and fugly girls...

  • Comment by: Josh

    Score: 70% Date: 11/22/2009

    just what i was looking for, big dirty porn

  • Comment by: Ron Messy

    Score: 100% Date: 09/09/2009

    excellent filthy close ups

  • Comment by: Wox

    Score: 5% Date: 04/13/2009

    I think the quality download movies is a BIG JOKE !! 30Mo for each 4 / 5 parts... Only preview quality to download.. no downloadable movies..If you want them, you must buy the VHS/DVD.. Too bad !! (otherwise it's good dirty porn..)

  • Comment by: dr zivago

    Score: 50% Date: 01/05/2009

    lots of old nasty grannies taking it up the butt. they look like crack whores. total alley cat style. mean and dirty. i could not watch to much. it gave me chills. but hey it looks like they are having fun so good for them.