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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Coccozella is a different site and it makes that point clear from the start. The owners are not comfortable with being misconstrued as voyeurs and they also make it clear that although they celebrate the body in all its natural glory, their site is not sexually explicit and you won't see anything raunchy or pornographic. It's mostly about appreciating casual nudity rather than getting titillated. Although, I did find myself plenty titillated, so it just depends on what you are looking for.

In case you were wondering, the subjects of their photographs are openly naked in places where it is acceptable to be that way, so there isn't any public exhibitionism or subversive spying going on to get the shots for Coccozella. There are 5,285 photo galleries spread throughout the categories "public nudity" and "nudist beaches."

Many pics are high-res, but overall you'll be satisfied with the quality of almost all of the photos, since only occasionally are they slightly blurry or have lighting issues. Seeing as how the photos are often user-submitted, we cannot consider them exclusive because we can't guarantee that you won't see them in other places.

There are also 800 videos that last about five minutes each. They can be streamed in an embedded Flash player and also downloaded as either QuickTime (the older ones) or MP4 files (the newer ones). Many of the movies offer good-quality playback, but some of the earlier films are less impressive. The flicks are sampled from longer full-length scenes that you can order on DVD.

This movie count also includes the 88 videos in the "movie archive" area. These are reissued movies from Coccovision and you can view up to two a week and the flicks can be watched over and over for seven days. This section keeps track of the movies you've watched, so you don't make the mistake of choosing the same one twice.

You can rate the pics and "favorite" them, but I didn't see the same options for the videos. There are keyword tags for the movies, though, so you can easily find like-themed material. They also advertise nudist events and you can check out a message board and links to other sites that celebrate all-around nakedness.

However, what is probably most impressive about this huge collection is that it is updated almost every day, with new movies being added about twice a week. They're also working on adding even more of the archived galleries, which stretch all the way back to 1998. What isn't as impressive is the design. While getting around isn't that difficult, things look really busy and confusing when you first land on the site.

Although I agree that the content is a tasteful mix of mostly candid snapshots with some posed sets, most people will still find the beauty of the nudity exciting despite not being blatantly erotic. Coccozella is definitely worth its monthly membership fee. *NOTE: Take advantage of lower 30 and 90 day memberships by choosing CCBill.

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  • Comment by: SnowHancock

    Score: 5% Date: 08/10/2013

    Before you commit to purchase, you might want to know their site policy first, regarding their movie archive. Which is the following:
    Members can view up to 2 movies per week and the movies then remain active for 7 days. The system keeps track of which movies you've seen to make the selection process easier for you. There won't be any HD movies here for a while, just the older SD movies, and of course the quality varies because they are amateur videos after all. In time we hope to add other movies by making arrangements with other producers. The movies generate a small royalty for every viewing for the owners of the videos.