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In the world of porn, you like to believe that the chicks are really enjoying the sex, but you probably realize that sometimes they're just acting. It is, my friends, the cold, harsh reality of the porn biz. However, sometimes you see babes who are so convincingly, earth-shakingly moved by their orgasms that there is absolutely no way they could be faking it. If they are acting, then the performances at Saddle Gals are Oscar worthy.

SaddleGals focuses mostly on orgasms that are caused by one of the most clever inventions known to man: the Sybian. In case you don't know anything about it, the Sybian is basically a dildo that is attached to the top of a half-barrel that vibrates. The babes can vary the intensity of the vibration and ride up and down on it. I've never seen a chick ride one of these things who did not cum so hard her ears turned purple. Figuratively speaking, of course.

There are 53videos and it's not clear what the current update schedule is. They may have stopped adding stuff a while back or they might have slowed down considerably. There have only been 14 new scenes posted since we last visited, which averages out to one new addition roughly every month and a half.

The videos can be streamed in an embedded Flash player that looks great or you can download the videos as Windows Media and MP4 files. The newer files offer excellent-quality playback, but older ones aren't nearly as good.

One of the things that was a little surprising was that not all of the videos featured babes riding the machine. There are a few videos where the chicks get themselves off with their hands or a dildo and some feature chicks in the shower. I suppose it's nice to have a little variety.

There are no photos to look at,just vid caps. While you can download them as Zip files, you can't actually see them online. They look pretty good for what they are.

There is a free daily hardcore live cam show and they post the times for the upcoming shows. There are also some links to live cams, but you will need to pay extra to get the most out of those.

There's a good amount of Sybian and general masturbation porn to tide you over for a couple months on Saddle Gals. Hopefully the update schedule will improve before you run out. 

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