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Dylan Taylor 

By: Dylan Taylor
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Thrill Chicks says it's in the business of providing you with access to all the fantasies your imagination can come up with by using computer graphics to create 3D images that will thrill you. While that's a nice goal, I'm pretty sure my imagination is a little more inspired than most of this site's offerings. Even the homepage, which has all the content lumped into one place along with advertising and up-sell links, leaves me a bit cold.

That said, the nice thing about having everything in one place is that it's all easy to find. Still, the efficient navigation on the site is mostly due to the limited amount of content rather than a good design that would suggest big plans for the future.

There are currently 28 galleries full of medium-res images. The sets that come with the videos have the same quality as the 12 galleries in the "photoset archive" and there are also about eight sets of comics that have similar images, but also have dialogue added.

The movie archive only contains eight Windows Media videos. To compound the problem of small content, each video is only about two minutes long and average in quality. The content involves a range of scenarios and computer-generated characters, but aside from the fact that these are artistic creations, the sex scenes aren't particularly unique or captivating.

This site currently seems to be updating about once a week, but there is an indication that new material will be available more quickly for members who maintain a membership for multiple months. However, I'm not sure the site offers enough to keep your attention for that long.

You don't get much from the site in terms of extras, but you're able to join the mega-site from the join page. Do that and you'll get access to eight more toon sites. The price is higher for that membership, obviously.

Thrill Chicks is supposed to recreate your fantasies using 3D graphics, but given the average quality and small amount of content I'm not sure this site is really a dream come true. In fact, I'm pretty sure most people's fantasies are more diverse and exciting and I think I can daydream in higher resolution than you get here.

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