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Dylan Taylor 

By: Dylan Taylor
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If you like a gorgeous gal with great breasts, curvy hips, a sexy body and a mischievous hunger in her eyes, then the babe at Naughty Tania will no doubt be a pleasure to lay your eyes on. However, this sometimes blonde, but mostly dark-haired, cum-sucking creature doesn't have nearly enough content on her site.

In fact, when you login to NaughtyTania you'll quickly realize that the spotlight has been usurped by a large, hairy guy named Torbe. He seems to usurp the spotlight of many gals and you'll have to find Tania's page in a long list of other sites filled with babes seduced on camera by the artful salad-dodger who is the network's real star.

Once you find the page with Tania's material, you'll have no problems accessing the videos and pictures. The site has very little content. In all, you're only looking at six photo galleries with an average of 46 pictures each and six videos averaging 11 minutes, which isn't much no matter which way you look at it.

If the site was updating, there would be hope. However, with all the content dated over two years ago, I have very little faith that anything new is ever going to be added.

The video quality varies from average to great. Each flick comes with a download option in Windows Media, QuickTime, MPEG and iPod formats. You can also stream them right on the site. Some of the galleries feature high-res photos, but others are only average-looking images. 

The only real reason to join Naughty Tania is for the network of sites that you get. Some of the 32 sites include Torbe In Argentina, Heal My Ass and Spy Torbe. If you're hungry for the featured images of Tania, then you won't find enough fare to fill you up. If you like the action with the other gals, then the network does bring value to the membership.

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