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Okay, so, you like feet and you like willing women. Where do you go to get both? Well, Feet Whores, of course. If you're looking for prudish chicks and pious hands, this ain't the place, my friend.

What will you find at this place? Not much as it turns out. So far, FeetWhores has only assembled eight femmes with cock-hungry feet. Granted, most websites that feature babes have the ones that have feet, but this one just features the feet a little more prominently.

Now, I don't want to sound too flippant, because I know that people who dig chicks' feet tend to take this fetish somewhat seriously, so let me just say that I would gladly suck on the toes of any one of these babes.

I'd also be quite happy to allow them to jerk me off with their feet. I've seen some ugly freaking feet in my day and these are definitely not bulbous toed, Birkenstock-wearing hippies. These babes have slender, sexy and suckable tootsies and they are either completely naked or they've been lovingly showcased in ultra-sexy platform stilletos. Don't worry, the shoes come off eventually.

I'll give you the basics of what you're going to get. Each of the episodes has a video and a set of pictures. If you were paying attention earlier, then you'll already know how many there are, but if you got distracted by my descriptions of the ladies' feet, then I'll just say it again. There are eight videos and eight sets of pictures.

The pictures were a bit of a letdown as they are nowhere near to high-res. You get a little more posing in the pictures than you do in the videos, so they're nice for that, I guess.

The movies are available in good-quality MPEG or poor-quality Windows Media format. You can download one minute clips or watch them in a streaming Flash player. Now there's also a handy iPod-option where you can get your foot fantasies to go. Watching Mia lick jizz off her toes should be enough to send pretty much anyone over the top.

Not enough content for you? Probably not because it certainly wasn't for me. Well, that's all right because there are tons of bonuses included with a membership to this site. You get access to over 127 bonus sites, but only a few feature foot fetish content, like Footjob Footjob and Footjob Models, but that's it so if that's what you came for, you'll probably want to get off the bus here.

Feet Whores may be your one stop shop for feet and eager chicks, but the shelves are pretty much empty. If you're interested in the massive bonus content, go for it, but if you're strictly into feet, give it a pass.

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