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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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These chicks never know what hits them. All they know is that one minute they're doing normal things and the next they're in a stuffy car trunk waiting to see what happens. Although it shouldn't be too much of a surprise because on Trunked, they are offered money to get into the truck and perform some tasks.

It's almost reminiscent of a college prank where people are scooped up and dropped off in the middle of nowhere except these gals only get dropped on a big fat cock. To further their humiliation, some of them get a Trunked sticker right across the forehead marking them as pieces of meat.

There are 13 different babes that have been Trunked so far. We used to think that many more would "cum" soon. Unfortunately, over the last two and a half years, they haven't presented the opportunity for cash to any other babes.

These 13 chicks give you a huge amount of content though. There are 13 galleries with an average of 60 photos each. Moreover, there are videos of all 13 of these tramps getting boned. Not only do they fuck on camera, but also they play with dildos, show off their tits and get naked inside the trunk of a moving car. You can also expect some anal, cumshots and the disappointed look on the babe's face when she realizes that she won a cookie as opposed to the $5000 she wanted.

The video quality is mediocre considering the guys are filming while they're on the move. The formats are great for any user. They come in Windows Media Low, Medium and High for various speeds of connections. I was not able to download any of the movies though, which was a bit of a disappointment.

You also get picture galleries from each of the episodes. There are anywhere from 45 to 120 pictures per chick as they are getting dominated in various locations. The design on this is very cool and fits with the theme of the site.

I was very disappointed in the navigation in the picture gallery area though. As you're clicking through the various pages of the gallery there is no button to return you to the main menu of the gallery. There is also no way to return to the main menu, when you click back on arrow that changes pages for you. It takes you back as far as the first page, but then you have to close the whole gallery page and reopen it or use the "back" button on your browser. The navigation of the videos is impressive though and very cleanly laid out.

If you're a fan of reality porn, Trunked is a decent site, but the lack of updates will disappoint. It makes you laugh and it makes you stiff. The antics of the Trunked crew leave you wondering what they will do next. Besides, you get a two day free trial, so what have you got to lose?

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