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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Are you sick and tired of all the fake sex with fake passion proliferating porn online? Well, Real Sex With Real Passion wants to change all that. Notice I said 'wants to' and not 'does,' cause they don't really succeed fully in their goal.

Let me quote from part of the RealSexWithRealPassion mission statement: 'Our videos are designed to be graphic and hardcore enough for men to enjoy alone, but respectable to women and centered on female pleasure, so men can share our videos with the women in their lives.'

I obviously enjoy porn the way it is, but I can understand those wanting to make it more 'woman' friendly and in this case, wanting to also keep it interesting for the dudes. The problem, however, was that this stuff didn't seem any different than anything else out there. Rather it just seemed more amateur.

There are nine lengthy videos and nine sets of pictures available so far and they cover a range of action from solo to group sex. They do attempt to provide more of a story to their scenes with a voice over setting up the situation and a little acting from the performers, but in the end the episodes I watched were pretty typical amateur porn scenes with hardcore licking, sucking, fucking and cumming. Video quality is average.

Now, that doesn't mean the movies are bad. In fact, I quite liked the chicks and their enthusiasm. However, there is really nothing special about them and they look like they are put together by someone who just figured out how to use iMovie. They also have music playing over everything, which I am personally not a fan of.

The site is more of a lifestyle site than a simple porn site and they do offer links to books and content and news about sexuality and such. However, the books are all available for purchase only and are found on the tour, not in the members area.

The major selling point of Real Sex With Real Passion, however, would be thereally low price tag. Given that point, it wouldn't hurt to check it out and if after a month you aren't feeling the passion it wouldn't have cost you that much to find out.

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