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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Bums In Action did not go to some North American city and actually pick up homeless people to have sex with models. There was a whole fiasco with a company that made fight films like that, so avoiding controversy was high on the list of priorities. Instead, these flicks are made by a Russian company and they've found some older dudes who look like bums to dirty up with some makeup (or real mud) to make them look worse, sometimes even nasty.

The content on BumsInAction is, obviously, not for anyone who wants to see some sweet lovemaking action. This is as raw and dirty as it gets and the fun part of it is how much these babes love fucking the nasty dudes who are, as fate would have it and political correctness would dictate we call it, "habitationally challenged." As Yakov Smirnoff would say, in Soviet Russia, bum fucks you!

The 30 videos come in Windows Media format and can be downloaded as both clips and full-length films. Despite being described on the site as high-quality, you can only expect below-average playback from the flicks. The scenes last about 10 to 14 minutes each and in a couple of cases, the film ends before the money shot. You'll see some rapidly progressing sucking and fucking in various locations, mostly a big empty field or yard, rather than in the city streets as the copy on the site indicates.

There are 30 photo galleries. The high-res pics that make up these galleries tend to look generally crisp and clear. You can download the images in Zip files and looking at the pictures makes it obvious that not only are the fellows rather less than ideal specimens, the ladies are rather average amateurs in their own right. To be sure, the chicks are sexy, but in a common way, as they've got a bit of meat on their bones and are quite sturdy looking in that kind of Eastern European "beautiful like tractor, strong like bull" way.

There are 27 bonus sites and they make up the 1 Pass For All Sites network. The sites have names like 18 Virgin Sex, Dirty Ass 2 Mouth, Creampied Sweeties, Drilled Mouths and Spoiled Virgins. There aren't any other sites featuring homeless people having sex, but there are many on which you can catch cute coeds going at it.

There have been no new updates in ages, so the limited number of short vids on the site seems to be permanent. Bums In Action is not really worth it on its own because it has relatively low-quality videos is no longer being updated.

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