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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Tickled Men is a very amateur site, but despite that, or rather because of it, you know that the content is exclusive. That authentic feel is important, particularly on a fetish site. The material filling up these pages definitely lives up to its fetish principles.

TickledMen doesn't get caught up in trying to mainstream itself in any respect. For example, the action tends to be CFNM, meaning the chicks on it dress really sexy and although you'll occasionally see a dude's dick, you won't see any tits or pussy.

The 170 videos come in one of two possible formats, namely Windows Media and MPEG. Either way, the vids are limited to mediocre to average-looking playback. Some scenes come in a single full-length file, while others are split into several parts.

I watched a few of them and the guys seem really into it and the ladies are relentless. Some of these hot gals manage to create quite a stir in their victims' underpants. Personally, if I was tickled so hard, I think I'd make a wet spot before I even got to the hard-on part. Nevertheless, mixing sexual stimulation and the near euphoric ecstasy of a good tickle seems like the ultimate experience, if you can endure it.

There are 169 galleries of photosthat tend to be lower than medium-res. The sets are pretty small, with each one having around 15 shots, but at least you'll get an idea of what you can expect from the brief videos.

In many scenes, other fetishes are mixed into the tickling theme. The tickler babe might wear a nurse's uniform or the fellow getting tickled might be tied down to a table or even up on a crossbeam. There's no end to the possibilities of CFNM bondage, so enjoy this very particular niche.

There are no bonus sites or extras per se, other than one update from another website hidden among all the scenes. They add content about once every 10 days. Tickled Men is to be relished for the special pickle the men put themselves in, rather than the quality of their content.

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